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Twitter Is Freaking Out Over 'The Haunting of Hill House'

If you've already taken a dive into Netflix's new series, The Haunting of Hill House, you have probably been mesmerized by its supernatural pull. Inspired by the 1959 Shirley Jackson of the same name, the quiet horror of the series has the internet buzzing. These Twitter reactions to The Haunting Of Hill House prove that people are terrified and still loving every minute of it.

Warning: Spoilers for Season 1 of The Haunting of Hill House ahead.

There are plenty of loud and gory horror flicks out there, most of which rely on jump scares or decapitations to frighten people. But The Haunting of Hill House has a more subtle allure — similar to its Red Room — that’s comforting and chilling at the same time. The series is mainly a family drama, but its sinister backdrop and creepy ghosts make it different from any other horror series out there.

The show tells the story of Hugh (Henry Thomas) and Olivia (Carla Gugino) Crain and their five children Steve, Shirley, Theo, Luke and Nell. When the family moves into the haunted Hill House, its ghosts seduce and terrify them. After they move out of the house, the trauma they witnessed stays with them, as do the metaphorical and literal ghosts that follow them. The series weaves in an out of timelines, showing the Crains in the past and the present, which adds to the intensity of the mystery.

Any good horror story makes the audience feel like they are a part of the action, and The Haunting of Hill House does just that. It’s probably why so many fans took to Twitter to share both their fright and delight.

While many fans enjoyed the series for its story and tone, others were more excited about the cast, particularly the actors that played the young Crain twins. Julian Hilliard played an adorable young Luke Crain, and actress Violet McGraw played his young twin sister Nell. The kids were so adorable that fans took to Twitter to share their love.

Hill House and its ghosts are the main villains of the series, but many fans appreciated the human element of the story. It follows a family dealing with grief, trauma, mental illness, and drug addiction, all while they try to mend their strained relationships with each other. While most people haven't had experiences with literal ghosts, many could relate to the metaphorical ones the Crain family dealt with. So some people took to Twitter to point out the more emotional elements and dialogues of the series.

While the show lets the audience enjoy a slow build with its ghosts for the most part, there is one scene in Episode 8, "Witness Marks," that has fans buzzing. In the scene, adult Theo and Shirley are driving to Hill House to find Luke, after Nell's funeral. Shirley thought she saw Theo trying to make a move on her husband Kevin the night prior, so the two are fighting in the car as they drive through an eerily dark road at night. While they are arguing, Nell’s ghost jumps out at them from the back seat of the car, and it was probably the most terrifying scene of the entire season:

The Haunting of Hill House is a character drama at heart, so when it brings on the scares, the terror is truly gratifying. Sure, you may need to sleep with the light on for a few nights, but ultimately it’s all just confetti, right?

The Haunting of Hill House is currently streaming on Netflix.