Gianni Fiorito/HBO

'The Young Pope' Memes You Never Knew You Wanted

Despite the fact that HBO's newest series The Young Pope comes with the kind of pedigree that clearly marks it as prestige TV (a star-studded cast, an award-winning director in charge, and a big budget), there is something about it that is just too hilarious to ignore. Is it the hats? (It's the hats.) Is it Jude Law's Scorsese-ified Faux York accent? Is it that the pope's real name is Lenny? Is it Sister Mary Keaton? Is it the fact that the trailer seems as focused on Jude Law looking hot in his pope outfits as it does on the inner workings of the Catholic Church? Is it all of the above? Whatever the reason, Twitter has immediately taken the joke and run with it, as these Young Pope memes make abundantly clear.

There is much comedy to be mined from a show that follows Jude Law as a sexy pope, though it seems too much to hope that the actual series will be as campy as its title implies. While he's certainly not old, Law is also not quite as young as one might initially expect from hearing the name of the show; was anyone else hoping for a Pius the Teenaged Pope kind of a situation? But regardless of the tone of the actual show, it has become a comedy goldmine. Since its very first trailer hit the internet, Twitter has descended upon The Young Pope's basic premise and here are the hilarious results.

The Young Pope: The Musical

Apparently there is no song that the words "young" and "pope" don't flawlessly fit into the lyrics of.

How Did This Get Made?

When it comes to imagining how a show like this came to be, the possibilities are endless. Some Twitter users are already all over potential spin-offs, too.

I Told You It Was The Hats

Jude Law plays the most fashionable pope to ever hit Vatican City. It's like Sex And The City, but with Catholicism and Italy.

He's Not A Regular Pope, He's A Cool Pope

While Teen Pope remains my dearest dream, Twitter has made the idea of Millennial Pope just as good.

Now the only question is whether The Young Pope will ever be able to live up to the memes that it created. It may be good, but could it ever be as good as a Pomeranian in fancy robes? Only you can be the judge of that.