OMG, These Soaps Are Created For Each Zodiac Sign & They Smell Like They *Know* Me

Being born on the cusp of Aries and Taurus (Leo rising), I am a bit of a pit bull when it comes to things I like. One of those things is collecting zodiac-themed stuff as though my life depends on it. To me, it's less about predicting what's going to happen in my life, and more like knowing my Hogwarts house — fun and more than a little nerdy. Now I can add a few more goods to my collection thanks to the popular online store Always Fits' new zodiac soaps, each one formulated to fit each sign's personality.

Always Fits has a ton of zodiac gifts and goodies, from socks to pencils to magnets, the soaps are just the newest additions to the collection. Each soap is designed with the sign in mind, from the name to the fragrance to the color of the paper it's wrapped in. One thing I love about these almost as much as I love the kitschy quality is that they are bar soap. I try to make as little waste as possible, and it can be hard to find a bar soap that doesn't smell like men's deodorant. These are handmade bar soaps scented with fragrances like "aggressive agave" (Aries) and "champagne chic" (Taurus). I can't wait to lather up.


Aries are not known for their cool, calm, and collected vibe. Nope, we're known for being a bit in your face. A bit aggro, as it were. Alas, the soap designed for Aries is "Aggressive Agave," because of course it is. Agave is a cactus, after all. Get too close, and you'll get pricked.


The manufacturer said it best. They described this soap for "A typical Taurus [who] is a foodie, a sharp dresser, stubborn, possessive, loyal and has a jealous streak." And of course, it's champagne scented, because we are also fancy AF.


If you're a Gemini, you know you're multidimensional. But just because you have more layers than an onion doesn't mean you have to smell like one. The Gemini soap is "whimsical watermelon." I can only imagine it's a reference to pink candy that you think is going to be strawberry, only to bite into it and find out it's watermelon. Much like a Gemini, it's tricky.


Cancers can be a bit changeable and prone to moodiness. It's not that they're unstable, they just display their emotions more than most. That is why Always Fits chose "moody mojitos" as the fragrance for Cancer, combining the fresh scents of mint and lime with the smooth undertones of rum.


Always Fits describes Leos as "charismatic, fun-loving, a narcissist, dramatic, talented, and a leader." They've scented the Leo soap with "vanilla vanity." A little sweet, a little fun, and a little "look at me."


OK, so Virgos are a bit preoccupied with everything. They tend to live in their own head, and they are a bit too self-aware. This soap for Virgos is aptly scented "overthinking oranges," to pair well with a Virgo's introspection.


Astrostyle describes Libras as "diplomatic, romantic, highly aesthetic, and a little indulgent." They're flirty and fun, so it's no surprise that this sign's soap is "French Lavender Flirt."


I'm not going to be the one who says it, so I'll let Always Fits describe Scorpios as "passionate, obsessive, vindictive, suspicious, intens, and competitive." So they've made this soap that "smells like a supervillain" from "vindictive violets."


People born under the Sagittarius sign are apparently given to bouts of severe wanderlust, if this soap is anything to go by. "Wandering White Tea" is the Sagittarius soap's fragrance, reminding the wearer of far off places and new adventures.


As the sister of a Capricorn, I will tell you that "Bergamot Boss" fits the sign to a T. I think I should probably just send a case of this to my sister and call it a day.


The description that Always Fits gives of Aquarians makes me wish I was one. The website wrote, "A typical Aquarius is progressive, eccentric, humanitarian, a social butterfly, impulsive, and enlightening." And to go with that, they've designed the soap to be "Progressive Papaya."


A bit flighty, a bit of a daydreamer, this "Driftwood Dreamer" soap must smell like having your head in the clouds.