John Fleenor/ABC
Luke P. Is Obviously A Master Of Disguise On 'The Bachelorette'

by Megan Walsh

Luke P. has made an impression on The Bachelorette. He got the jump on the other contestants by declaring his love for Hannah B. in the middle of a talent competition, but audiences have responded to him for an entirely different reason. They just can't stop listing things Luke. P on The Bachelorette looks like on Twitter. He is a true chameleon. One wouldn't expect a single human to bear more than a passing resemblance to everything from cartoon lions to Barney the dinosaur, but somehow Luke P. has managed it.

After perusing the following tweets, you may find yourself seeing Luke P.'s face in everything. He has powers of metamorphosis, at least according to viewers on Twitter. Whether or not that will give him an edge in the competition remains to be seen. He seems to be doing alright for himself at the moment; Hannah respected his boldness, even if the other guys questioned his decision to announce his feelings so soon. Perhaps Luke should have displayed his transformative ability at the talent show instead his oratory skills. It would have been a lot more impressive than an awkward speech and is, obviously, an actual talent. Not everyone can look like both Prince Hans from Frozen and Human Shrek. That's an ability he should be broadcasting.

Here, in no particular order, is a list of things Luke P. looks like:

The Last Bachelor

More than a few Twitter users noted similarities between Luke P. and Colton Underwood, which could only work in his favor. Hannah fell for that face once already!

A 'Toy Story' Character

This tweet doesn't come with photographic evidence, but a quick Google speaks for itself.

A Saber-Toothed Tiger

You know, the teeth are obviously different, but there's just something about the smile...

Another Large Cat

Does Luke P. just look like a cartoon version of a big cat? The brows, the wide eyes, the closed-mouth smile — I can't discount the evidence.

A Space Ranger

Comparing Luke to a humanoid toy is less of a stretch; that square jaw would probably bring to mind quite a few Bachelorette contestants.

A Purple Dinosaur

Here, I think it's the enthusiasm that makes them look alike — combined with the penchant for professing love at a moment's notice.

An Animated Dog

What's happening here? Is this a Cool World situation? Did Luke arrive in the real world fresh from Toontown looking for love?

A Long-Lost Gyllenhaal

Others found less illustrated examples to compare Luke to. This viewer thought that with a little bit of hair dye, Luke could recall actor Jake Gyllenhaal.

A CW Star

It's the eyebrows.

A Cowboy

So Luke looks like Woody and Buzz, but neither Woody nor Buzz looks like each other. Figure that one out.

A Nefarious Suitor

I don't think it's fair to judge someone based on their aesthetic similarities to animated cads, but the quick confession is another quality Luke and Hans share. Is he just after Hannah B.'s crown?!

An Ogre

If Luke reverts back to his green ogre form at any point on The Bachelorette, then I hope they capture it on camera.

A Very Specific Superhero

You lost me with this one.

Another Reality TV Star

If they were making a Hallmark original movie based on MTV's Floribama Shore, Luke would absolutely be the guy they cast in this role.

If Luke doesn't go down in Bachelorette history as the quickest to fall in love, then he'll most definitely be remembered for looking like every cartoon character from recent memory.