Things To Text Your Dad On Father's Day

With Father’s Day coming up on Sunday, June 18, it’s time to start thinking about how to celebrate dad on his special day. If you’re planning a get together with your pops the day-of, fantastic! But if you and your dad live in separate cities, have crazy schedules, or aren’t exactly the hanging out type, you might be considering other ways to let dad know you’re thinking of him. While a card or phone call are always nice, maybe you want to fire off something quick to dad while he’s on your mind. And of course, if you and your dad don’t do well talking on the phone, something a bit more brief might make more sense. If you’re in this camp, you might be wracking your brain for things to text your dad on father’s day. Don't worry: I've got you covered.

The idea of texting dad a father’s day greeting might make some people scratch their heads, but for others, it can be the perfect way to let your dad know he’s on your mind without getting too sappy. And if you haven’t been on great terms with your dad, a nice text message can also be an easy way to clear the air and extend an olive branch. Maybe you’re dad’s a social butterfly who’s just as hard to pin down as you are. Either way, there’s no shame in the Father’s Day text game — it’s all about expressing love and appreciation. Here’s a few ways to do just that.

"I had ____ in your honor today!"

Whether dad likes beer, donuts, Cuban cigars, or a nice long run, celebrate him appropriately with his signature splurge of choice. Snap a pic to send along, too. If it’s a special coffee drink that dad craves, have them write his name on the cup, along with good wishes for a happy Father’s Day.

"Looking forward to spending some quality time together over Labor Day!"

Or the Fourth of July or Thanksgiving, or Christmas. If you’ve got a trip home planned, drop dad a note about how excited you are to see him. He’ll appreciate you saying you want some one-on-one time while you’re home, and give him something to look forward to while he waits to see you.

"Thanks for being my stand-in dad."

If your real dad’s not in the picture anymore, consider using father’s day to thank the person who stepped in to substitute. Maybe that’s a step-dad, maybe it’s an uncle, or maybe it’s your mom. Either way, Father’s Day isn’t just a day for celebrating our birth dads; it’s a day for celebrating those people who show us what unconditional love and support is all about.

"I miss our Father/Daughter Dates."

If you and dad used to hang out, use your text to reminiscence on the good times. Recount one of your favorite outings — like the time you went to the father-daughter dance together, or bailed on the Thanksgiving craziness to go for a walk. He’ll appreciate the trip down memory lane, and what better day to take it than Father’s Day?

"Coffee date soon?"

If dad lives nearby, ask to get on his calendar soon! Even though it can be tricky at times, being close to your parents can also be a real blessing. If you and dad have been missing each other lately, pencil in some quality time.

"I always think of you when I hear ___."

If dad’s got a favorite band, comedian, or show, let him know he’s on your mind whenever you hear it. Bonus points if it’s tied to a sweet or funny moment you shared.

"Thank you for loving me unconditionally."

There’s nothing better for a parent than hearing their kid recognizes their love. Let dad know you do by thanking him for his unconditional support and care.

"Sending hugs your way."

Parents and children can agree on one thing: when you’re separated on major holidays, sometimes the thing you miss most are the hugs. Send dad some Xs and Os so he knows how much his presence is missed, and how badly you wish you two could hang in IRL.

"Check your email!"

Assuming you’ve sent dad an email with a sweet letter talking about how much you love him, or a note detailing the surprise day trip you’ve planned for the two of us! Sending a gift via e-mail is a fun way to give dad something to look forward to when you can’t be home. If you’re short on cash and can’t swing a big trip, get creative and send him something like a personalized itinerary for the best day ever. Write out a schedule full of all of dad’s favorite things, then lovingly instruct him to go treat himself.