Courtesy of Third Love

You'll Love ThirdLove's New Nursing Bra That Was Literally Designed By Moms

The quest for the perfect bra may have just gotten a whole lot easier for pregnant and breastfeeding mamas. ThirdLove is launching a new nursing bra based on customer feedback, and it could end up being a gamechanger for new moms.

The company said in a press release that the new 24/7 Classic Nursing Bra was designed by moms with the aim of balancing both style and comfort. The bra will have an adjustable hook and eye closure in the back (previous ThirdLove nursing bras closed in the front), as well as drop down cups for quick access. It'll be made from comfy Pima Cotton, and also feature gold alloy hardware for a little extra touch of glam.

Finding a good nursing bra can be especially difficult if you happen to be on the bustier side. As a mom who started out with a DD chest size before two pregnancies came along and made my boobs even bigger, finding bras that came in my size was next to impossible, no matter how many I tried on. I typically had to resort to sports bra style tops that offered next to no support (and definitely were not at all fashionable). Like many of its other offerings, however, ThirdLove's new bra is available in a wide range of cup sizes from B to I. I so appreciate ThirdLove considering the larger busted ladies.

Courtesy of Third Love

The company is also now offering its first ever pair of maternity underwear. The panties come with a V-shaped waist band to leave room for a baby bump or a postpartum belly. They can stretch with you as your pregnancy progresses, and still be comfy after you've given birth.

ThirdLove isn't exactly cheap (many of its bras are in the $60-$70 price range), but the investment may be well worth the money for moms whose need aren't being met by other brands. Accommodating different body shapes and sizes has been part of the company's core mission since it started in 2013, and they've turned it into something of a science. ThirdLove taken some of the risk out of shopping for bras online by offering a Fit Finder to help pinpoint exactly what you need. Business Insider reported that about 12 million women have used the Fit Finder, and all that data is then used to makes its recommendations more accurate. And perhaps best of all, ThirdLove has a very generous return policy. For 60 days after you buy, can still exchange your bra even if you've worn it and washed it. If you're ultimately not happy with, they'll take it back.

Offering more sizes — 78, to be exact — and better nursing options seems to be a winning formula for ThirdLove. The company is currently valued at about $750 million dollars, according to CNN, and Forbes noted that it's gunning for competitors like Victoria's Secret. Hopefully more brands will recognize that ThirdLove's success is based on the fact that women want more choices, and start following suit.