This 12-Year-Old Helped Deliver Her Baby Brother

Say what you will, but there is nothing more magical than childbirth. Labor is exhaustive, intensive, and can take a lot out of a mother — but the experience, when surrounded by your partner and family members can be beautiful. A young girl got to witness this magic first hand — literally. Photos captured this 12-year-old helping deliver her baby brother and her reaction is priceless.

I know what you're thinking — and no, the 12-year-old, Jacee Dellapena is not actually a doctor. But she did get to assist her mother's doctor as he delivered her younger brother in the hospital. According to Today, Dellapena was able to physically help bring her baby brother, Cayden, into the world and then cut his umbilical cord — pretty impressive for someone who hasn't even completed the seventh grade yet. But how did this happen? Dellapena told Today that she could not get a good vantage of her mother in the delivery room so the doctor, Walter Wolfe, invited her to put some gear on and deliver the baby. Such a brave girl and doctor. But Dellapena told Today she was a little uncertain at the time of delivery:

I was nervous. I was nervous and shocked at the same time. I was scared I was going to mess up or do something wrong because there are plenty of things you can do wrong.

In addition to the nerves, Dellapena was excited about the moment, too, and told Today that she won't be able to ever get rid of that emotion that she experienced when she grows up (and can't wait to tell her baby brother she delivered him, either). Dellapena's mother, Dede Carraway, was equally as excited for her young daughter to help deliver her youngest son. "I don't even know if there are words to describe how it felt," Carraway told FOX News.

In the photos captured of Dellapena delivering her baby brother, she looks anything but nervous. Instead, she looks overcome with happiness and emotion from the miracle that she is witnessing. These images are something that Dellapena will cherish when she is older and be glad to have around. These photos might even be something that she'll want to share at her inevitable graduation from medical school — really. Dellapena told Yahoo Beauty that this event has inspired her future:

I want to be an OB-GYN. I'm going to work hard and study and find my way there.

After helping deliver her baby brother, Dellapena now has quite the resume builder to help her get into medical school down the line. Until then, she has these sweet and special photos from her brother's delivery to hold on to.