This Oreo Cookie Bouquet Is $72, & Yes, You Need It For Valentine's Day

V-Day is right around the corner, but if you're still scratching your head at what to get your significant other, don't worry. In my humble opinion, the answer is always, always food. Full belly, full heart, right? So, skip the florist or jeweler this year, and make your way to Walmart because the big-box store is selling Oreo cookie bouquets for Valentine's Day. These extravagant, sweet arrangements — made from your favorite sandwich cookie — are guaranteed to be a slam dunk.

Walmart's 'All Oreo Lovers Cookie Bouquet' features 19 cookie packages arranged to look like both the "flowers" and the "vase," and is topped off with a big red bow, according to the Walmart website. Interestingly, the picture of the bouquet on Walmart's website shows a white bow, but I guess it doesn't really matter because the bow will be ripped off in a frenzy to get to the cookies anyway.

The cookie bouquet is rather pricey ($72, Walmart) but there is free shipping, and if you factor in the fact that the Oreo bouquet will last longer than a dozen roses and can be shared with all the loves in your life, it does seem like kind of a deal. Plus, you'll be earning some bonus points for originality, because this isn't your regular old flower delivery. An Oreo cookie bouquet is going to get noticed by coworkers at the office! Heads's up though, Walmart's site advertises that they are "large packages" of Oreos, but if you look closely at the image, it looks like they're 6-packs, so you're really paying for the presentation. (And to be honest, 19 family-size packs would be a bit obscene.)

What's more, a bouquet like this can be paired with heartfelt V-Day card, filled with any number of clever Oreo puns easily found on Pinterest, like "We go together like Oreos and milk," or "You're like an Oreo, the good stuff is on the inside." You can also spring for an Oreo-themed card ($4, Etsy) to really make a theme out of it. You can see the possibilities are endless here, because Oreos, with their crumbly chocolate cookie and creamy filling, are basically one big metaphor for relationships.

I guess the only question then is just how much milk you'll need to buy to go with this cookie bouquet, because we all know that Oreos are nothing without a big, cold glass of milk to dunk them in. If, on Valentine's Day morning, I woke up to find this bouquet and a gallon of 2-percent on my pillow, I'd think I'd died and gone to heaven. Cookies for breakfast? Yes please.

However, a gift like this doesn't need to be just for your spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend. You could give it to your children on Valentine's Day, if you want to show them you think they're the sweetest kiddos around. Just be prepared for a days-long sugar high, and a whole lot of twisting, licking, and dunking. It's always entertaining to see how people prefer to enjoy their Oreos.

I know one thing is for sure. Oreos aren't just any cookie, they're an experience. Take a look at this classic tv commercial from the '80s, that concludes, "Oreos are better when you share 'em."