This 2-Year-Old Dinosaur Expert Will Make Day So Much Better

Brace yourself, because this 2-year-old dinosaur expert is about to blow your child's love of dinosaurs right out of the water. According to The Huffington Post, the internet is collectively losing it over an incredibly adorable video of Scottish toddler, Noel Hopkins, who accurately names all of his toy dinosaurs as his mother, Laura holds them up for the camera. The video — which has already amassed 16 million views on Facebook and over 178,000 views on YouTube — is super cute, not just because little Noel has a super impressive memory of dinosaur names (as well as possible the sweetest little bespectacled face of life!), but because he happens to also be impeccably well-mannered, saying "thank you" to his mom each time she puts down one of his dinosaur toys. (Just try not to smile as you watch it. Just try.)

In the clip, Noel correctly names the Diplodocus, Triceratops, Brachiosaurus, T. rex (his fave), and tongue-twister Beipiaosaurus (which I didn't even know was a thing) like it's no big deal. And if that wasn't already cute enough, he even obliged his mom with a little dinosaur roar, which, is pretty much guaranteed to perk up those having even the lousiest of Wednesdays.

But, interestingly, Noel's insane dinosaur knowledge isn't the first thing that's earned him internet fame. Earlier this year, Noel became a viral sensation when a hilarious clip of the toddler getting caught red-handed drawing on a mirror made the social media rounds. In the clip, Laura can be heard asking Noel if he drew on the mirror, but instead of confessing to the deed, Noel blamed — who else? — Batman for breaking the rules.

In an interview with ABC News, Laura said she figured that Noel had stumbled upon his big sister's makeup box, and saw it as an opportunity to get creative. But why does she think Noel decided to throw Batman under the bus? Laura said, "I think Batman is his least favorite and that's why he got blamed."

Facebook commenters have shared their love for the too-cute video, leaving messages about Noel's impressive memory for dinosaur names, as well as his manners. One Facebook user wrote "Very bright little boy. He has far better manners than 90% of people I know. You should be very proud mum," while another, wrote, "Aside from this little one's fantastic knowledge of dinosaurs, he is so polite and his manners outshine many adults that I know. He's such a little gent!" (I have to say I agree with that assessment).

Some commenters did note however that Noel's accuracy wasn't quite as on point as it first seemed: apparently the T. rex was really a Giganotosaurus, the raptor was a T. rex, and the Maiasaura was really a Parasaura. But given the fact that he's only 2 and up until right now, I would have thought a Maiasaura was the name of a "Pokemon Go" character, I'm willing to give Noel a pass on his errors.

Way to go on your dinosaur knowledge, Noel. I think a future career in paleontology might be just be in the cards.