This Customizable 2020 Christmas Ornament Really Says It *All*

I love picking out ornaments for the tree every year. It's fun to try to encapsulate all that a year means in one quirky ornament, and good grief, 2020's got a lot happening. But I've found the perfect Christmas ornament for 2020, and it's even funnier than you're thinking.

The genius ornament from online retailer Smart Mosre features two children wearing surgical masks and Santa hats above a toilet paper banner reading "Merry Christmas" strewn beside a bottle of hand sanitizer. Hilariously, one "0" in 2020 is shaped like the COVID virus while the other is the roll of toilet paper. All it needs is an angry anti-masker looking on talking about 5G, and it would be practically perfect. It retails for $24, and in my opinion, it's worth every penny. Because you'll hopefully be able to look back on this ornament in the future with somewhat more good humor than can be afforded to it right now.

Which is sort of the whole point, right? The perfect Christmas ornament for 2020 stings a little bit in this moment, with the hunt for toilet paper still fresh, and your knuckles still cracked from sanitizer. But in a few years, it will be something many of us could joke about, or at least be glad we got through with some of our wit intact.

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The ornament is available with white or Black faces, with families in members of two to seven faces on the ornament. (Singles are sold out.) It is a great gift to send out with your Christmas cards or perhaps for a friend who is particularly irritated by all of this. And yes, it's just cheap enough that I could send it to the anti-maskers in my family to annoy them since they cannot be bothered with science, reason, or a general regard for others. I can imagine them opening it up and swearing under their breath at me as I chuckle, hundreds of miles away, ordering a new set of masks to wear to the grocery store.

No matter why you're buying it, or who you're buying it for, you have to admit that it's very clever, and really sets the tone for this very weird holiday season.