This Airport Worker Cheered Up A Crying Child In The Sweetest & Silliest Way — VIDEO

Air travel with a little one in tow isn't usually any parent's idea of a good time, but if you're lucky, there will sometimes be people willing to help if and when things start to go awry. For one passenger, that help recently came in the unexpected form of an American Airline ramp agent on the tarmac, according to ABC News, when this airport worker cheered up a crying child by dancing as he worked. And though Jahmaul Allen may not have exactly been expecting to go viral because of it, the internet clearly couldn't help but love his thoughtful (and thoroughly entertaining!) gesture.

The 28-year-old old airport worker was on the ground at Toronto's Pearson International Airport in December, when he spotted a little girl on board the airplane he was directing. Allen told ABC News he just wanted to make her smile, so he busted out some of his best dance moves.

What happened next though definitely was something he wasn't expecting: passenger and Instagram user ekaterina_irko filmed him and posted the clip to her account, and soon, Allen had become a viral dancing star.

In an interview with Global News' Kamil Karamali shortly after the clip was shared, Allen explained that, as far as he was concerned, he was just trying to brighten the passengers' days. He said, "Honestly, I just love what I do. I love aviation, I love my job, and I love making passengers happy."

And though Allen's dance moves may only just be starting to earn him attention, he told Karamali that he's actually been dancing on the tarmac for a while, and that he'll opt to do it "whenever [he wants] to make someone happy on the plane."

As much as Allen's dancing was a huge hit on social media though, in a follow-up Twitter post, he *did* take a moment to reassure concerned social media users that they don't need to worry about dancing ramp agents putting their safety in danger. After some seemed unsure whether his moves may have been confusing for the pilot, Allen wrote, that he had "already scoped the area to make sure that it was safe" before beginning his impromptu show, and that at that point, he was "there just for precaution reasons."

Allen isn't actually the first ramp agent to show off on the ground for bored or weary passengers though. In October 2017, Southwest Airlines ramp agent Kyran Ashford also went viral after a passenger filmed him dancing as a plane prepared for takeoff at the Greater Rochester International Airport, according to ABC 7 News, and like Allen, Ashford told the outlet he was just trying to offer passengers "30 seconds of positive vibes," as they were heading on their ways.

But it looks like Ashford may be giving Allen a run for his money — or, perhaps, maybe at least some inspiration? On Ashford's YouTube channel, he has posted a variety of videos of himself not only dancing on the tarmac, but even hosting dance-offs in the terminal for waiting passengers' entertainment.

For most people, the airport isn't exactly the first place you'd expect to find people dancing and putting on a show, and if you're a parent of young children, then traveling anywhere is usually a matter of simply hoping you'll arrive at your destination with as few meltdowns as possible. But thanks to workers like Allen and Ashford, it looks like, sometimes at least, it actually *is* possible to not completely hate having to sit at a gate, or wait for your plane to take off. And it's pretty much customer service at its finest.

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