Y'all, This Baby Bath Towel Hooks *Onto You* Like An Apron & It's Absolutely Genius

by Cat Bowen
Originally Published: 
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When your baby is a squirmy little thing, bathtime can be daunting. All of that wiggly giggliness is suddenly wet and slippery; getting them out of the tub and dry is quite the task. When my kids was born, there were few good towel options for babies. You could get a hooded bath towel or a baby bath robe, but that was it. While wrinkly little infants do make adorable Hugh Hefner lookalikes in their towels, they're not really practical. Thankfully, the innovators at Baby to Love have made something better. This baby bath towel apron that hooks onto the one giving the bath is a life changer, and I'm buying one for every baby shower I attend from here on out.

The towel is part apron, part hooded bath sheet, and there's nothing else like it on the market. It's pretty big at 43 by 41 inches, and it's 100 percent cotton. Makers Baby to Love stated that it's up to three times more absorbent than regular towels, which is a real boon when you're trying to wrangle a newborn who is really unhappy about being wet and naked. It is especially warm and heavy thanks to the fact that it's manufactured from two towels stitched together, making it that much more cozy for baby.

I am one of the fortunate parents who had kids who absolutely loved the bath. Once they got in there, they had absolutely no desire to get out. The problem with that is they would try to wiggle and squirm to get back in the bathtub — this can get pretty dangerous. There was just no good way to try to trap them in the towel without soaking the towel in the bath as well. I tried everything. I would let the bath drain before pulling them out, but I couldn't stomach watching them shiver even if they were still playing. I would sit in the tub with them and wrap us both up together, but getting pooped on twice in a week cured me of this idea. I even started bribing them with my own two boobs, even if they'd just eaten. Nothing worked.

This towel has everything I was looking for. It is essentially a fishing net and baby towel all rolled up into one. It has two velcro ties that affix the towel around your neck, flaring out into a double thick hooded towel. It looks a little like what you might use to pick berries or apples, and it's amazing that no one had ever thought to do this before.

Something I didn't consider, but Amazon reviewers have pointed out, is that it's especially good for people with a disability. One reviewer noted, "I am a parent with a disability and I only have use of one arm. This towel has allowed me to be able to bathe my infant daughter by myself without any assistance. While that probably was not the intended purpose for design, I have been shouting about this product since I ordered it and I will definitely be referring it to any other mother — disability or not." Having a partially paralyzed left hand myself, I can see how this would give you extra help if you needed it.

Most of the reviews are saying something similar to "I didn't know how much I needed this until I bought it." I can see this towel becoming the next "Miracle Blanket" sensation. Everyone is going to be buying these for baby showers, gifts for a bris, and baby sprinkles. Plus, it just looks really adorable.

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