This Baby Born With Full Head Of Hair Is Killing It On The Internet

If you think you're having a good hair day, think again because this baby born with a full head of hair is taking over the Internet. Isabelle Kaplan is two months old, but she's been sporting a perfectly coifed look ever since she came into the world. Her parents, Mackenzie and Dave Kaplan of Redwood City, California, posted a picture of themselves with their daughter on Facebook. Soon after, a relative of the Kaplan's posted the image to a reddit forum joking that his baby cousin had a Ron Burgundy from Anchorman thing going on. Just like that, the image went viral with over 3 million views.

Isabelle's dad told People magazine that it was amusing from the the very beginning. "We were expecting to see a bald head or perhaps a little fluff. When she came out with a hair helmet, we couldn't believe it." He added that people comment on Isabelle's locks where ever they go. "It's the first thing people notice," he admitted. Mackenzie, Isabelle's mom, said in that same People interview that she washes her hair just twice a week with Aveeno baby shampoo and "wouldn't dream of using a hair dryer to style it."

Simply, Isabelle wakes up like this. And she's already following Kim Kardashian's shampooing tips, so she's really on her way to full on stardom.

Isabelle's full head of hair has inspired other moms and dads to post about their own children with hairdo's to die for. #BabyIzzy is a meme maker:

If you're pregnant right now and are experiencing a lot of heartburn, you might soon have a baby with a full head of hair to battle Baby Izzy's, too. According to a study done at Johns Hopkins University, the old wives tale is totally true. It's not that the heartburn is a sign of a full head of hair, it probably causes hair growth. Heartburn usually occurs in the third trimester, when estrogen allows the esophageal sphincter to relax and stomach acid gets up into the esophagus and has you reaching for the Tums. The estrogen is reportedly responsible for all of the hair growth in the baby.

Kaplan didn't cop to having lots of heartburn during her pregnancy, but her and husband Dave are still having fun with their daughter's 15 minutes of fame. "When she's older, it will be fun to show her all of the photos," Mackenzie said in the exclusive People, "but right now, she's just enjoying her first giggles. Let's hope she still has that good sense of humor when she hits puberty and sees the pics.