This Baby Elephant Falling Is Every Toddler In The History Of Toddlers

My toddler son loves chasing my two cats around the apartment. I don't know why it brings him so much joy to herd the tabbies like he's a corgi on a farm. But my little dude just lights up and squeals with delight as he runs after my two old felines that like to take up space on the bed. Of course, the herding of the cats isn't always successful on my son's part. Sometimes he'll trip over his own feet out of excitement. Need a visual? Well, this baby elephant falling is my son and every toddler in the history of toddlers around the globe.

If you have a toddler, you'll understand what I mean as soon as you watch the video. In the clip, a baby elephant named Chindi is chasing birds around a green field at Sweden's Boras Djurpark zoo, according to KSL. You could tell by the little pachyderm's run that it's the funnest thing to have ever fun'd. But, at one point, the excitement becomes too much for the baby elephant, and she loses her balance. The accidental spill shakes up the little one, and she goes running to her mom — because that's what toddlers do.

Trust me. Whenever my son bumps himself, even in the slightest, he comes crying to me for comfort. As a parent, you can't help but be charmed by their dramatics. It's easy as an adult to laugh at your kid's reactions. Then you have to remember your kid is relatively new to the world, so they have no barometer in which to measure their feelings. A bump may very well be that hurtful.

The video of the baby elephant falling was filmed by Boras Djurpark zookeeper Jonas Sjöström on June 20, according to KSL. A few days later, the clip of 2-month-old Chindi made the rounds online, first posted in June by the Dodo and other media outlets. The 24-second video was also shared widely across different social media platforms including Instagram over the summer. The Dodo's YouTube post of the video was viewed over 173,000 times since June 23.

Of course, the internet can't get enough of Chindi and her excitement chasing birds. The five-month-old video went viral once again over the weekend after it was shared by Twitter account, Animal Videos (@animalvid) with the caption,

I don't know what's funnier the baby elephant chasing the birds, or when he fell and ran to his mom.

Animal Videos' tweet of Sjöström's adorable video has received more than 12,480 likes and over 4,900 retweets since Sunday. And Twitter users have absolutely fallen in love with the little gray-skinned sweetheart. One person replied to the video,

He was embarrassed and hid behind his Mom. The birds were no doubt laughing! You're right, how funny! We needed a break today-thanks!!!

Another user quickly recognized the parallel between animal and human parent-child relationships. They responded,

The mom immediately became alert when her baby fell, and the interaction between them after the fall is so similar to our own.

Of course, Chindi is not the only elephant to take such a cute fall while chasing other animals. According to Little Things, a young elephant at the Biyamiti Bushveld Camp in South Africa's Kruger National Park took a tumble down a hill while running with their herd. The baby elephant just couldn't contain his excitement, but he didn't let the fall break his stride, Little Things reported. The young pachyderm got right back up and went on his way.

Funny enough, as I wrote this, my son took a tumble of his own while dancing in a circle to the Dora the Explorer theme song. And like Chindi, he came running to his mother for some comfort. Because, as I said, that's what toddlers do — and I wouldn't change it for the world.

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