This Baby In Hot Rollers Is Taking Over The Internet

At least half of what you see in the news these days is negative. Whether it be violence, more disappointing politicians, or another threat of nuclear war, the news isn't exactly uplifting anymore. Enter, viral videos of cute babies. Well, really, videos of cute animals and cute babies are pretty much what's keeping a good portion of the population sane at the moment. But right now, this baby in hot rollers is winning the internet.

Photographer Jessie Marrero, from New Jersey, originally shared the video of the snoozing baby to her Facebook page on Aug. 1. It has since gone insanely viral, racking up over 5.5 million views. And seriously, once you get a look at the video, you'll understand why.

According to Yahoo Beauty, Marrero shot the video of 8-day-old Camila on her iPhone as a "behind-the-scenes" look into her typical photo shoots:

First thing I did was run nearby to a hair salon and borrow magazines! I knew I wanted more of a vintage salon-inspired look, so I grabbed that backdrop, lace and ruffles, and it was a wrap! Once we were done, I asked if I could film a behind-the-scenes video, grabbed my iPhone, and here we are.

And while, of course, every baby is adorable in their own way, little Camila has captured the hearts of millions, literally. Maybe it's the fact that Camila is sleeping so soundly with the rollers on her head, or maybe it's because she looks like an actual doll. Whatever it is, there's no doubting that Camila has won the internet.

Speaking with Romper, Marrero said she is "humbled and thankful to see just how many adore Roller Baby, 8 Day old Camila." And honestly, Camila seems to already have this whole "life" thing down pat.

And while Marrero has worked with celebrity babies before (she shot baby Chanel, Coco and Ice T's daughter last year), Camila has already made a stellar impression. "This has definitely made a mark in my career, one I will embrace and never forget," she told Yahoo Beauty.

Obviously, baby Camila can do whatever her little heart desires when she grows up, but Marrero's post has made a pretty good case for Camila to look into modeling when she gets older. After all, she already has the "smize" perfected, even with her eyes shut.

Keep on rockin' it, Camila! You're the hero the world needs right now.