This Baby Yoda Night-Light Is Perfect For *The Child* In Your Life

by Cat Bowen
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I simply cannot get enough of The Mandalorian — and especially The Child. In fact, my whole family is pretty much obsessed, which is why when I found this Baby Yoda night-light, I knew we had to have one for ourselves.

Available on Amazon, this soft, silicone Baby Yoda night-light is only $20 and has two brightness settings for optimal comfort depending on the task. Changing your baby's diaper? Turn it to high. Just whipping out a boob or popping a bottle? Keep it dim. Keep that child just this side of conscious with the cutest night-light ever. Sure, it's a little gimmicky, but it's freaking Star Wars. It's amazing, and if your kid is into the fandom, they will absolutely adore it. And, if they're too young to give a hoot, you can love it for them.

This Baby Yoda night-light has a USB power adaptor AC cord, with a backup reserve of three AAA batteries, so that if the power goes out, Baby Yoda's light remains strong to soothe frazzled nerves and prevent stubbed toes. It will be available Sept. 9, and there is no way this won't sell out. There are simply too many people who love the series for it to stay on (virtual) shelves that long.

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Before you worry about whether or not it goes with your "theme" — stop. There is no theme in which Baby Yoda is not welcome. Noah's Ark? Baby Yoda is the last of his kind. Forest theme? Add a few Ewok. Mermaids? He can move the water with the force. Who cares if it looks a little out of place. He's a Yoda, and his place is wherever people need to smile. Who doesn't need to smile when their kid wakes them at Zero Dark-OMG-it-is-so-early o'clock?

This would make a fantastic small toy for Hanukkah or Christmas, and it would look adorable popping up from the top of a stocking, so if you're interested in gifting it, buy it now. Yours or your child's bookshelf or nightstand is just begging for this Baby Yoda night-light to keep them company all evening.

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