This Babysitter's Viral Baby-Wearing Hack Is Genius AF

When Claudia Sorhaindo had to run an errand and left her child to be babysat by her niece, J’Ann, she likely had no idea that her niece and baby would end up a viral sensation on the internet. This babysitter's baby-wearing hack shows sometimes you've got to get creative — especially if you're hungry.

According to Babywearing International, "babywearing is the practice of keeping your baby or toddler close and connected to you as you engage in daily activities through the use of one of a variety of types of baby carriers." And J'Ann definitely kept the baby she was watching close when she came up with her own baby-wearing hack, but probably not in the way the organization meant. When J'Ann got hungry and wanted to make a sandwich while she watched her tiny charge, Ava, she came up with a hands-free way of carrying the baby with her, even as she worked her own sandwich artist magic.

According to Ava's mom in a Facebook post, J'Ann didn't want to let baby Ava out of her view while she made the snack, so she found a rather interesting place to hold onto her while her hands were busy — the front of the very pants she wore.

In the now-viral Facebook post, Claudia wrote:

So I had to run out the house for a quick min, so I asked my niece to babysit Baby Ava. A few min later I received a text saying that J'Ann wanted to make a sandwich but didn't want to let baby Ava out of her sight ��
Lord send help this was her solution ������� like really ������ creativity at its finest �

The picture she posted depicted J'Ann, making a sandwich at a kitchen counter, with little Ava nestled in the front of her pink pants. Her little legs fit through the same holes as J'Ann's legs, and she looked totally content to hang out there while J'Ann made her sandwich.

With J'Ann's trick, baby Ava is secured in place, and right up close to her body — the way a baby would be in a regular wrap. According to Mama Natural, for centuries, moms have "worn" their children. Do you think they've always had the custom wraps that are so popular today? Definitely not. J'Ann is probably not the first woman in history to put a baby somewhere creative when she needed her hands for another task.

Most importantly, Ava's mom Claudia obviously had no issue with what her niece did, and even got a kick out of it. Her baby was safe and secure, and her niece got to have a snack while she kept up with her babysitting duties.

Sometimes parents or other caregivers have to come up with inventive solutions when it comes to parenting or taking care of children. Even though Ava isn't hers, J'Ann brainstormed a fix for her problem while she was watching Ava, as so many parents and caregivers have done for years and years.