The Incredible Way This 9-Year-Old Boy Is Helping People During These Frigid Days

If you're in a need of a heartwarming story, there's a good chance you'll want to learn about this 9-year-old boy's coat charity. The adorable kiddo named Sandro Cunningham launched the endeavor — aka "Sandro's Coat Rack" — to help Trenton, New Jersey locals stay warm during the cold winter months, as reported.

As the polar vortex grips parts of the United States, the public is busy brainstorming ways to help people keep warm and safe. From donating supplies to various homeless shelters to supporting GoFundMe fundraisers, there's a lot you can do keep this important effort going.

But one special kid named Sandro didn't need a polar vortex to motivate him to act — he has been giving people free coats for the last two years, as CBS News reported. The third-grader at Princeton Academy first got the idea to start his own coat donation rack after watching a news broadcast about helping the homeless community, as reported.

"This is his thing and we're just along for the ride," his dad, Edward Cunningham, told CBS News. "We're just trying to guide him in the right direction."

As for the logistics? Sandro collects coat donations via a local dance center, his school, and via his Facebook page. The helpful resident then hangs up the donated coats on a coat rack across from the Trenton Police Station (it used to be at , as CBS News reported. The location is convenient because Sandro's dad is a police officer there, as reported.

Of course, Sandro has to make some sacrifices to keep Sandro's Coat Rack going. One of the downsides? He has to wake up at 6:30 am to drop off the donations, as reported. To Sandro, however, the early alarm bell is worth it.

“I want other people to know it’s important (to give back) because we should all be treated equal,” Sandro said about his efforts.

Sandro's sentiment echoes the simple slogan hanging above Sandro's Coat Rack. "If you are cold, take one," it reads, according to Instagram. "Do you want to help? Leave one.”

Many people are impressed with Sandro's mission, with one supporter writing on YouTube: "Sandro, you are a blessing. What a great idea."

Someone else chimed in: "Way to go, kid!"

"Big heart in a small frame," one commenter added on Instagram.

If you want to start your own coat drive to help out, follow these six easy steps via the organization One Warm Coat.

  1. Plan Your Drive (Determine your coat drive dates, drop off location and details)
  2. Register Your Drive (Fill out our easy online form and receive a coat drive kit)
  3. Promote Your Drive (Use free tools & resources to spread the word)
  4. Start Your Drive (Kick off your drive by announcing your coat-raising and fundraising goals!)
  5. Celebrate Your Drive (Share your success on social media and announce to your community using our Celebration Press Release)
  6. Deliver Your Coats (You decide where you will deliver the coats you collected. Use the Nonprofit Locator Map to find an approved partner near you. One Warm Coat does not pick up).

Congratulations to Sandro on your incredible coat rack and helpful spirit. Hopefully, your efforts will inspire others to get involved.