This Bride Wrote Vows To Her Husband's Ex & Their Son, & It Will Warm Your Cold, Cold Heart


Co-parenting is not easy. When parents have to juggle competing personalities and splitting a child's time, it can be tempting to give into toxicity. But now, a viral video of a wedding involving a blended family shows an amazing example of co-parenting done right. That's right, this bride's co-parenting vows will warm your cold, cold heart, and make you believe that having more parents in the mix actually just means more love to go around.

24-year-old Katie Musser recently married Jeremy Wade, and while many aspects of the ceremony hewed to the traditional, Musser did something a little different with her vows. Musser is stepmom to Wade's 4-year-old son Landon, and she wanted to express the gratitude she felt for having not only Landon, but Landon's mother and stepfather, in her life. In a video posted to the Facebook page Love What Matters, Musser surprised her guests when it came time to read her vows by turning to her husband's ex-wife Casey and Casey's husband Tyler, and addressing them, saying:

Then, Musser had a moment with adorable little Landon, holding his hand and saying:

It's a beautiful and touching moment (as evidenced by the sniffles in the background of the video), and it speaks strongly to the power of love in the face of complicated circumstances.

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As Musser wrote in a longer Facebook post on her own page, this close co-parenting relationship didn't come easily. Musser began dating Wade when Landon was very young and, for a while, she and Casey "hated" each other. Rumors and accusations flew constantly, until one day, Musser realized that she didn't like who she had become. So she reached out to Casey and slowly, the two of them began the process of learning to trust one another, for Landon's sake.

Because that's who ultimately matters the most in any co-parenting situation — the child. Children are freaking sponges. A child caught up in a stressful co-parenting situation can be greatly affected by the constant fighting.  But if parents are able to turn a potentially fraught situation into an opportunity to surround a child with more love, to become "one big family," as Musser said in her vows, what a blessing that is for the kid in the center of it all.

According to Musser, she and Casey moved beyond simply tolerating one another, and became close friends. As she wrote in her post,

Kudos to this whole big, blended family for showing that love really can conquer all.

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