I Need Every Piece Of This Care Bears Children's Line For My Kids

Growing up, my sister and I loved Care Bears. We had the bears, the juice glasses, the lunchboxes — everything. It only makes sense that I would adore this Care Bears children's line from PatPat. It just speaks to me in a nostalgic, pastel way.

Retailer PatPat is known for creating durable, comfortable kids clothing at an affordable price point. Their line of Care Bears-themed clothing ticks all these boxes while also being incredibly nostalgic and absolutely Instagram-worthy. The baby items are 95% cotton and 5% spandex, making them machine-wash friendly, and easy to get on and off your wiggly babies.

What I love is that they are using the original 1990s version of the Care Bear faces, and not the more three-dimensional Care Bears that my daughter watched on YouTube. For some reason, I cannot wrap my brain around those. Seeing a very two-dimensional "I'm Not Grumpy" (totally grumpy) Bear Care Bear pajama set is not only comforting, it's also an obvious nod to the parents of the babies who will likely be donning the sets. In fact, all of PatPat's Care Bear-themed clothing, not just these Care Bear sibling outfits, feature the throwback bears.

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I love the idea of matching babies — siblings or not — in these outfits and then doing a photo shoot with the babies surrounded by a field of Care Bear plushes. I only wish I still had my Care Bears sheet set circa 1993 to add to the shoot.

The family set and Halloween Care Bears pajamas from this Care Bears children's line are obscenely cute, but where the collection really shines is in baby clothes. The rompers, the dresses, and the itty bitty Care Bears sleepers are almost too much for my heart to take.

There are so many opportunities for photo shoots and Halloween costumes with these outfits that it would be a crime to pass it up. Get a set or three, dress up those babies, and get it on the 'gram.

You know, for nostalgia's sake.