Oh Hey There, This Cat Nightlight Is The Cutest Thing In The World & It's Only $18

My daughter uses a nightlight almost every night. It's gotten to the point where she likes to just dim the regular lights to help her fall asleep at night, because the nightlights weren't cutting it. I don't remember exactly when this started, but it has continued for several years. My one problem with the nightlights we use for her? They tend to provide a barely noticeable glow, and because they're near the ground plugged into the outlets, it's not so much an illumination as it is a spotlight. That's why I was pumped to find this adorable cat glow night light which looks like it might solve both problems of being ugly and being inefficient.

Available on ModCloth for just $18, this cat glow nightlight isn't huge. Standing at 6 inches tall and just a few inches wide, it's about the size of the average soda can, but the LED bulb inside provides a luminescent glow that requires little energy. In fact, this adorable nightlight is actually battery operated, using only two LR44 batteries to power the glowing feline companion of your dreams.

It's made of plastic and features the sleeping countenance of a cat at rest, which is perfect for my daughter, a cat lover since birth.

ModCloth is a reliably wonderful store that stocks so much of what I love, and to be perfectly honest, about 40 percent of what I wear. You see, when I'm not writing for Romper, I'm a graduate student and graduate student educator, and ModCloth makes my life simple by curating an entire section dedicated to "work dresses," which may also be titled "teacher clothes that won't dip into your Post-It notes budget." They're fashion forward, functional pieces that I don't need to think about too much. They often have a vintage flair, which I adore, and their jewelry is designed to match their apparel perfectly.

The adorable cat glow nightlight is brand new, but I have no doubt it's going to be an instant favorite. Not only is it beyond perfect for a kids' room, but I can see it being used to provide a little illumination in the bathroom or in a dark corner. It's whimsical enough that it could be a good conversation piece, but not too strange that people wonder why on earth you have it in your house. It's just the exact right amount of cutesy cool.

ModCloth is really bringing it recently with their home decor line. For instance, if you want to extend your cat decor beyond a nightlight, why not get a turquoise cat cookie cooling rack, also brand new? It would be absolutely adorable for parties. I would serve muffins and cookies right off the rack.

Personally, I have my eye on this Cat Sabbath "Are Mew Ready To Rock" t-shirt that features cat faces in place of the members of the famous band. I'm not saying that Ozzy Osbourne sounds like a screeching cat in heat during points in "Mr. Crowley," but I'm not *not* saying he doesn't. It's OK, I still love it, and I will still rock the heck out of that tee.

But if that's not your style, maybe just stick with a pair of these adore "cat buy me love" wooden and silicone cat spatulas that are sure to add a little extra fluff to your whipped cream.

As for the adorable cat glow nightlight, I am certain that it would not only light up my daughter's bedroom, but also her whole face when she gets a good look at the miniature glowing cat and all its sleeping glory.