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Cersei & Gendry May Share A Big Connection On 'Game Of Thrones'

Bloodlines on Game of Thrones is one of the most important plot points of the series. Who your parents are automatically determine your rank in Westeros and people always make assumptions based on which house you belong. For bastards like Jon, Ramsey, and Gendry, getting recognition and acceptance amongst the nobility is nearly impossible, but both Jon and Ramsey have successfully done it, though in wildly different ways. Now a Cersei theory about Gendry on Game of Thrones, has many fans believing Gendry may leave his bastard status behind as well.

This theory is actually quite old and stems from both the show and the book series from George R. R. Martin. However, a recent Reddit thread by roniza has brought the theory back into the spotlight. Roniza takes us back to Season 1, Episode 2, after Bran was pushed out the tower window by Jaime Lannister. In one scene, Cersei pays a visit to Catelyn and Bran and shares a story about when she lost her first born son, something most people don't know about. Cersei revealed that the son, unlike her other children had dark hair and looked like King Robert. Though the child was a fighter, he later died of a fever.

Roniza then points out that in the fourth episode of Season 1 when Ned goes to talk to Gendry, Gendry said his mother had "yellow hair," but died when he was little. Additionally, other theorists have pointed out how Cersei never wanted King Robert's bastards murdered and how she was upset when she discovered Joffrey had made that order. As for why she sent him away, remains a little unclear, however. Perhaps because she wanted only her children with Jaime to be on the throne?

Those who disagree with the theory argue that in the story Cersei told to Catelyn she also mentioned how angry Robert became when their son died and how he bloodied his hands punching the wall in his devastation. This must mean the baby actually did die, otherwise why would he be upset? However, there's an easy explanation for this. Cersei could've easily lied to Robert and told him their son was dead. And depending on how old Gendry was at the time, I wouldn't put it past Cersei to find another dead child (or kill one) that looked like Gendry to put in his place so Robert wouldn't question it.

If this theory does prove true, this will change everything. For one, Gendry would have a rightful claim to the throne, because he's not a bastard. More importantly, Cersei, who's supposedly pregnant with another one of Jaime's children, probably won't be happy to see her long lost son since he could threaten her reign.