These Customizable Barbie Books *Really* Show Your Child That They Can Be Anything

Is your kid obsessed with Barbie? Now they can jump inside a book with Barbie and her friends, thanks to the clever folks at Dinkleboo, a custom printing and gifting company. In a new licensing deal with Mattel, Inc., Dinkleboo will offer six new fully customizable Barbie books, giving your child a chance to be a part of an engaging story right alongside Barbie. The perfect gift for the holiday season (and all year long, for that matter), the books will immerse children in the literary and artful experience of becoming scientists, fashion designers, filmmakers, chefs, ballerinas and equestrians. Highlighting STEAM skills, each story line encourages kids to dream big, to believe in themselves, and to share an inside look at exciting future career options.

To make this book your child's own, you'll choose from numerous personalized options, including five hair colors, four skin tones, three eye colors, as well as eye and body shapes to capture your child’s physical features. My Barbie-loving daughter is just going to love reading her name and finding herself within the pages of You Can Be a Horse Rider.

While Mattel co-founder and Barbie inventor, Ruth Handler, may never have dreamed that Barbie would inspire and bring joy to so many children since the iconic doll's creation 60 years ago, I think she would be quite proud. Handler once said, "My whole philosophy of Barbie was that, through the doll, the little girl could be anything she wanted to be. Barbie always represented the fact that a woman has choices." And in this new series from Dinkleboo, the Barbie legacy lives on.


'You Can Be A Horse Rider'

In You Can Be a Horse Rider, a favorite for any horse-loving gal, Barbie is preparing for a horse show. Your child will learn about being a good friend, and everything that goes into preparing for a horse show: grooming, cleaning tack, and how to use proper form while riding.


'You Can Be a Ballerina'

Barbie visits the city ballet company with your child in You Can Be a Ballerina. Learning about the life of a ballet dancer will be exciting for any mini ballerina, especially when they realize they're a character in the story. Pair with a Barbie ballerina doll and you will have one happy camper (I mean, ballerina)!


'You Can Be a Fashion Designer'

In You Can Be a Fashion Designer, Barbie and your child are going to a fashion show. Afterwards, they are invited to a fashion design class. The girls are excited to learn about different fabrics, scissors, and stitches, and how to use a sewing machine. Perhaps you have the next Diane Von Furstenberg on your hands?


'You Can Be a Chef'

Eek! In You Can Be a Chef, your child and Barbie are trying to make a recipe, which unfortunately does not turn out so well. A local chef helps Barbie and your kid learn how to cook and the importance of following the recipe (you're never too young to learn about precision in cooking).


'You Can Be a Scientist'

I loved learning about You Can Be a Scientist. In this story, your child is going to a brand new science center with Barbie. While there, they learn about chemistry, biology, and engineering while conducting their own experiments. Reading this book is also an awesome way to introduce little girls to the field of science.


'You Can Be a Filmmaker'

In You Can Be a Filmmaker, your child and Barbie go to their local coffee shop and find out they are going to be shooting a movie there in a couple of days. So much fun! Barbie and your child want to know more about how a movie is made. The movie director shows them through the set from costume designers to special effects designers, actors to location managers, and more.