This Dad Makes Disney Princess Dresses For His Daughter & It's So Adorable

by Casey Suglia

As a child, there was nothing better than playing dress up. My mother, with a basic knowledge of sewing used to make me and my sister little dresses and costumes for our dress up box, which we used to spend hours playing with. But one father takes it even further, making the most enviable dress up box on the block. This dad makes Disney princess dresses for his daughter — and they're incredible.

What exactly does this dad create? Its more than what you'll find in the fabrics and patterns section of your local craft store and better than any costume you'll come across in preparation for Halloween. This dad creates real, legitimate costumes in children's sizes and they're actually available to purchase — when they're not, you know, sold out.

Nephi Garcia is not only the incredible designer behind his daughter's dresses but he is also a father to three young children, according to his shop's website, Little Bright Dress. "Ever since we became a family in 2009, we have always loved to play and create together," Garcia writes in the website's bio. "This website is just us doing what we love, and spending lots of time having fun!"

There is no denying that Garcia and his family are having tons of fun judging by Garcia's Instagram account, Designer Daddy where Garcia posts photos of his amazing creations and adorable family modeling the masterpieces.

But how does Garcia make the costumes so detailed and intricate? According to the Huffington Post, Garcia used to work in high-end fashion but now makes designing and selling costumes his full time job. His experience shows and makes the costumes so, so much better. The details, the draping, the incredible fit — every aspect of his hard work shows in his costumes.

But Garcia doesn't just design for his daughter and other children. Garcia also designs dresses for adults, making the most beautiful costumes and dresses for his wife, Bethanie. These costumes are even more amazing than the ones he makes for his daughter, allowing the fabric and his handiwork to really shine.

Garcia also designs costumes for his whole family, which he posts to his Instagram account. It is seriously amazing just how well designed and detailed each family member's costume is, including his own costume.

The dresses and costumes are truly incredible and it is amazing how dedicated Garcia is to his craft and creating the most enviable dress up clothes for his daughter. Is it too much for me to ask for one of each in all adult sizes?