This Dad Tricks His Kid Into Doing Chores, But She Hilariously Draws The Line At One Task

Having the motivation to do chores as an adult is hard. When you find yourself vacuuming every weekend and doing laundry every other day, some might wonder how so much dirt and grime can accumulate in such a short period of time. It is even harder to get kids to do their chores. Even if they do make their beds or clean up after themselves, most parents have to do their chores again. Luckily, this dad tricks his kid into doing chores — but the kid hilariously draws the line at one specific task.

Youtuber, HowToDad is no stranger to doing tasks with his kid. His Youtube channel has accumulated over 3 million views, for his both hilarious and accurate videos. The videos teach both parents and regular viewers how to do things with a child but in a lighthearted fashion. Videos "How To Put A Baby To Sleep" and "How To Dress A Baby" are some of HowToDad's more popular video titles. So it is no surprise that "How To Get A Baby To Clean The House" is one of HowToDad's best videos yet. And I mean it. Take a look for yourself and see if you can replicate it. Don't listen to me. This video is all in good fun and will not guarantee that your child will clean a house.

The video starts out so innocently, with the dad and his baby sitting at the kitchen table. "Basically, a baby will do anything if you ask it to do it," the dad says in the video's introduction. Spoken like an expert parent.

When the dad asks his child to clean the dishes, they do — while holding on to a scrub brush while wearing a onesie. Seriously, this baby looks like a complete natural at cleaning.

Next comes vacuuming, which the baby does an amazing job at while teetering around on her feet holding the vacuum cleaner. Seriously, what a pro.

Raking the yard appears to be a bit of a challenge for her but its understandable — most adults don't even know how exactly how to get a rake to do its job (its like a broom, but for the yard? Really?).

Cleaning the shower and the windows prove to not be the easiest tasks either and she doesn't look too happy. I understand — cleaning surfaces can be incredibly tedious. But there is one more task for the baby to clean — the toilet.

Luckily, by the time the baby has to clean the toilet, she has had enough of her chores (and probably doesn't feel like completing the worst task of the day). This is completely understandable and cleaning a toilet can put the most expert of cleaners into their misery — a misery that makes you just want to lay down on the floor and say "forget it."

If anything this video teaches audiences a very good lesson. 1. A baby can clean anything (except the toilets) just as long as you ask them (jk). 2. Chores are incredibly tedious. Even I got tired just by watching this video.

While I personally would not trust a baby to clean my home, I am very impressed by any baby that can clean. Major props to the baby and major props to the father, for teaching his child to do the tasks around the home.