You *Need* To See This Daughter Critiquing Her Dad's Hair Styling Skills

No matter who you are, as soon as you become a parent, you immediately have to learn a variety of new skills. Be it diaper changing, burping, or changing your baby, those skills are necessary. But then, your baby grows up into a toddler, and things become more complicated. Yes, doing your kids hair is a challenge. And this dad tried to do his daughter's hair, but it did not go as planned, as his tweet made very clear.

On Friday, Twitter user @__BAriP100 took to the social media platform to share a hilarious video of his daughter commenting on his hair styling efforts. In the video, the user's daughter is standing around and explaining why she wasn't in love with how her dad had styled her hair, despite his best efforts. Yes, it seems as though dad was put in charge of hair on Friday, and he didn't exactly nail it. As his daughter said in the video, "you did it like this, and they're supposed to be up like this." Yeah, clearly dad didn't get it perfect this time, but not to worry. Luckily, the little girl was very generous of her critique of her dad and made sure he knew that she wasn't upset.

The young girl is seriously adorable, and sassy as heck. As her dad explained in the caption, she was basically telling him "dad you f*cked up my hair" in the absolute sweetest way possible. But don't just take my word for it, watch for yourself. If you missed it, the daughter told her dad, "I don't think you have to redo it," while putting her hands on her hips, "I still like it, it's just that...uh...I like it it's just that it's wrong."

At that point, her father let out a little laugh, and who could blame him? His daughter is seriously precious, and her innocent explanation of how he did her hair wrong is enough to melt the coldest of hearts. But the best part of the video might just be when the young girl describes her dad's hair attempts as "rachet," especially since they apparently paled in comparison to how her mom did her hair. Fortunately, it appears as though mom took over hair care for that dad, as the Twitter user uploaded a later photo of his daughters in the car with their hair done correctly.

Later, the dad explained that "my wife fixed her hair for me," so it seems as though all is well. But still, his original tweet is totally perfect, and it went viral for the best reason. Truly, even though this dad might not be the best hair stylist, he clearly loves his daughter and would do anything, emphasis on the anything, to make sure that she was happy.

Now, as parents of black children know, styling your child's hair is a complex and important issue. Especially for young black women, as Essence reports, "Hair care is in [their] fabrication." So this dad wanting to get his daughter's hair just right is even more adorable, and also totally relatable. And doing a young black girl's hair is also a very personal and intimate experience, according to Refinery 29. "The physical closeness required to get your hair done, in addition to the unique knowledge required to work with Black hair create intimate bonds between people," they reported.

So even though it wasn't perfectly done, this dad at least gave it a shot, and that's worth something. More so, if nothing else, he got a forever memory of his daughter kindly trying to critique him. And that's pretty great.