Try To Not Laugh At This Dad’s "Tips" For Supporting Women During Pregnancy

Getting ready for a baby is hard work — and just about everyone will give an expectant couple advice on how to cope with it all. Admittedly, most of the tips get lobbed at pregnant women are pretty terrible (“don’t cut your hair!” and “don’t raise your arms over your head!” were among my favorites). But a funny video circulating the web this week proves that moms-to-be don’t exactly have the market cornered when it comes to getting bad baby advice. In fact, this dad’s viral video on how to support pregnant women is getting laughs all over the internet because it’s exactly the kind of advice that dads shouldn't be listening to when helping a pregnant partner.

The three-minute video opens with How To Dad vlogger Jordan Watson announcing that his wife is having another baby and the “instructional” video is all about giving her the right support. Obviously the missus is going to be doing all the hard work — you know... growing the baby for nine months — so here are a few things you can do to help her out, according to this funny dad.

First tip: “Choose all her maternity clothes for her,” Watson says in the video, before heading to the closet to show off his idea: a gray T-shirt with his face printed on it, complete with a huge oval opening cut for his wife’s growing belly. I’m already in tears, you guys.

Next, he moves on to baby names, throwing out the name “Bob” because “it works for a boy or a girl.” When that doesn’t work, he throws out every variation of the name he can think of (“Bobina? Bobette?”) hoping one will land. And with that, I’m immediately reminded of the random names my husband and I hurled at each other as we worked through the alphabet while prepping for our youngest. We didn’t agree until we got to the Zs, people. Yep, worked through the entire alphabet.

The rest of Watson's tips are every bit as funny: gaining a bit of sympathy weight to balance your partner’s growing belly, setting up the baby furniture, baby-proofing the house, finding a midwife, and even testing all of those weird food cravings to see which ones are as delicious as they seem at the time. (I’ll admit, I could have used that bit of support. My craving for peach pie was pretty standard, but I would have loved to have another opinion about my fried-chicken-doused-in-vinegar-and-hot-sauce concoction.)

But it’s his final tip that had me a little worried for his safety. “Even when she’s nine months pregnant,” he says in the video, “tell her she doesn’t even look pregnant.” Then, he shows himself in front of the family car, talking to his wife (who isn’t on screen). He continues:

Babe. Can’t even tell you’re pregnant. You look great, OK? Are you... are you stuck in the car again? Yeah, I’ll get you, if you’re stuck.

Since it was posted on Oct. 8, this How To Dad video, How To Support Her Through Pregnancy, has amassed more than 1.5 million views on Facebook and more than 24,000 views on YouTube — which isn’t surprising because it’s hilarious.

Here's the full video for your viewing pleasure:

According to The Guardian, the 28-year old New Zealander is the father of two daughters under age 5, Mila and Alba, who are featured prominently in his wildly successful “instructional” videos on parenting. Watson’s laid-back style and deadpan sense of humor have amassed a huge following — as of this week, his Facebook page has more than 1.4 million followers, and his most popular How To Dad videos routinely get more than 2 million views. With two books based on the videos already on shelves, and a possible deal for a web series, Watson told last year that most fans just love to see the lighter side of parenting. He told the site:

I didn't really know what would come from it, was just taking the p*ss, in a sense, and having a bit of fun, there are so many serious parenting blogs and vlogs and it was a bit of tongue-in-cheek fun.

That's definitely why this video had me rolling, you guys. Parenting is serious stuff, but taking it all too seriously can drive you a little loopy. Watson seems to agree; even the video's final disclaimer seems to warn against getting to bogged down in it all: “I hope no guys were harmed while showing their pregnant other halves this video.”

Yeah. So do I.

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