This David S. Pumpkins Costume With Two Babies & A Corgi Just Won Halloween — Any Questions?

With Halloween mere days — er, hours — away, everyone is probably racking their brains trying to put together a last-minute costume. This is never as true as when you're a parent. The possibilities for dressing your little ones up as fruits, cartoon characters, family-themed group outfits, or, you know, famous SNL characters, are truly endless, but this David S. Pumpkins Halloween costume featuring two adorable twins and their corgi might have already taken the cake this year.

Marc and Cynthia, parents of Wally, a 10-year-old corgi, and Max and Miles, twin boys born in April of this year, came up with an amazing costume idea for their family this year.

For those who are Saturday Night Live fans, you may recall the character David S. Pumpkins, from a skit the cast did in 2016. Around Halloween time two years ago, Kate McKinnon and Beck Bennett starred as a couple going through a haunted house, in which they met different cast members dressed up as haunted characters. There was Vanessa Bayer as a dead bride, and Melissa Villaseñor as the girl from The Ring.

However, it was Tom Hank's character, David S. Pumpkins, who stole the show. Each time McKinnon and Bennett's characters would meet him, he and two skeletons on either side of him would sing and dance and declare that they would soon terrify the couple, coining the now iconic catchphrase: "Any questions?"

Capitalizing on the joke — and the perfect size of their family — Marc and Cynthia opted to dress their corgi up as David S. Pumpkins, and each of their twin boys as one of the skeletons. They sat Wally between the kids, and voila, the perfect Halloween costume was created.

"David Stumpkins is his own thing! And the skeleton brohams are part of it! Any questions?" they captioned the adorable photo on Instagram.

However, this particular getup wasn't exactly spontaneous. The couple tells Romper that they were brainstorming for Halloween since they found out they were expecting twins.

"We had several costume ideas even before the boys were born, and we knew we wanted to make sure Wally and the boys coordinated," they tell Romper via email. "It's not until we saw the skeleton onesies in a store that we knew we could make the David S. Pumpkins costume happen."

As far as making the costume, the couple explained that Wally already had his suit and wig from when they dressed him up as Michael Jackson. They then added white wigs for the boys and pinned pumpkin decals to Wally's suit. However, as most costume stores don't make white wigs for babies, they actually used furry white leg warmers cut to fit their heads. "We're already brainstorming for next year's Halloween costume!" they said.

Despite all the attention the costumes are receiving, the family actually didn't debut their son's involvement with the idea until a day after they first shared a photo of Wally dressed as David S. Pumpkins himself. "I'm David Stumpkins, and I'm going to scare the h*ck out of you," they wrote on the photo of the corgi.

Fans immediately started replying with how impressed they were with the family's creativity. "Everyone else can go home. You guys defeated Halloween," read one comment. "Just one question: how does one survive so much cuteness????" said another. In fact, the costumes got so much attention that the official SNL Instagram account even reposted it as well.

The couple shared with Romper that they started the Instagram accounts as an outlet for Marc's photography hobby. But as of now, it seems as though their talent and creativity could take it far beyond just a fun past time.

We'll certainly be counting down the days until we see what the family decides to do next year.