This Diaper Bag Packing Tip Will Make Your Life *So* Much Easier


As moms, becoming a professional bag-packer extraordinaire seems to come with the territory. Even before our kids are born we become well-versed in the art of packing a hospital bag, and organizing drawers full of age- and season-appropriate clothing is practically second nature. We pack diaper bags. We pack lunches. We pack snacks, toys, and extra of everything — just in case our family needs it. But what good are extra baby wipes and a spare six-month outfit when you find yourself without a life-saving product you really need?

Enter this lifesaving pro tip: Keep a small toiletry bag packed with all of your mom essentials, which can easily go from purse to diaper bag and back again. After all, how many times in your life as a mom has your day taken an unexpected turn when you least expected it? I'm just taking a wild guess here, but I assume it's been more times than you can count.

I've come to find that keeping a small and well-stocked "me" bag is helpful in so many situations, and while I realize I'm asking you to do a little more packing, I promise it's worth it and it's super easy:

Start By Finding The Right Sized Bag

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Because as we all know, not all bags are created equal. Your baby's essentials are likely already taking up all the space your diaper bag allows, so my tip is to opt for a bag that's malleable enough to fill in the gaps and isn't so firm that it takes up all of your valuable extra space.

Next, Gather Your Essentials

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I'm sure I don't need to be the one to tell you what to pack, but some of my personal faves to keep on hand are hand sanitizer, lip balm, some healthy snacks that *I* like, and a power bank to make sure my phone stays charged at all times. I also recommend keeping yourself stocked up on your preferred size of the beautifully packaged Always Radiant pads. They have an easy-to-decode My Fit chart that helps you find your perfect size according to your flow level, panty size, and if you need daytime or nighttime coverage — all of which helps to ensure that you're always covered in any situation.

Then You're Good To Go!

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See? Easy stuff. Now you can confidently dash out the door knowing that you have everything your baby and you need to have a great day. And if you have to pull a quick switch from diaper bag to regular purse for some well-earned solo time out? You're totally covered.

This post is sponsored by Always Radiant at Walmart.