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Make This Easy, 1-Step Chicken Pot Pie Recipe In Your Instant Pot Tonight

Pi Day celebrations are everywhere these days, with the math savvy and inept alike getting in the spirit on March 14. But the holiday sneaks up on many, which is why this simple Instant Pot chicken pot pie recipe is a game changer for Pi Day. (Try saying that three times fast.) Say hello to a festive dinner in a snap.

In case you're not up to date on your math related holidays, Pi Day (March 14) is a day that honors Pi, or π in the Greek alphabet, which is the ratio of circle's circumference to its diameter and the ultimate mathematical constant. The number enables mathematicians to solve all kinds of equations; the astronauts at NASA use it everyday. You probably remember learning about Pi at some point in high school, and math nerds everywhere honor the ever important numeral on March 14 every year because the date looks like 3.14 when you write it out (the first three digits of Pi). The Pi Day website describes the holiday as "an annual opportunity for math enthusiasts to recite the infinite digits of Pi, talk to their friends about math, and to eat Pie." I think we can all get on board with the last part at least.

Pi Day festivities are common, especially in schools, with competitions to see who can recite the most numbers of Pi or simple "pizza pi" parties cropping up all over the world on March 14. When I was in college, a club I was in actually hosted an event where my peers could throw a pie in my face in honor of the number. (The photos will haunt me forever.) And while those methods of celebrating are fun, I doubt you have time to organize something like that for your family at the last minute. But I think you do have time to throw together Eating On A Dime's Instant Pot Chicken Pot Pie Recipe, considering it only takes thirty minutes to make and is essentially one step.

Eating On A Dime's recipe has all the comforting goodness of a homemade pot pie, like hearty chicken, comforting broth, and assorted veggies, minus the fuss thanks to your Instant Pot. To prepare the dish, all you have to do is dump the ingredients in your pressure cooker, and wait. Seriously. It'll cook on pressure for 25 minutes, and then your dinner will be ready to serve.

The only drawback of this recipe is that the pot pie won't have the crust you might be used to from those of your childhood. But Eating On A Dime recommends pairing the meal with biscuits for dipping or as a compliment to the main that will function similarly to a crust. You can make them homemade if you have the time, but I've never turned down a Pilsbury biscuit in all my days.

So if you want to get festive on a time crunch, your Instant Pot is your secret weapon. Head to Eating On A Dime's site for the full recipe. Whip up this dish for dinner, and you might even get your kiddos talking about math in a fun way. Wins all around.