Blayke Gets The Spotlight In This Exclusive 'OutDaughtered' Clip

by Megan Walsh

OutDaughtered follows the daily life of the Busby family: parents Danielle and Adam, their oldest daughter Blayke, and their toddler quintuplets Ava, Olivia, Hazel, Riley, and Parker. The Texas couple became the first in the country to welcome all-female quintuplets and watching them try to balance everything has been a fascinating journey so far. But this exclusive clip from OutDaughtered gives Blayke a more private moment to share some of her feelings with her grandmother Mimi.

The third season of TLC's OutDaughtered premieres Tuesday, July 10 with a special two-hour episode at 8:00 p.m. ET. The extra-long episode will catch viewers up on everything that's happened in the Busby family since Season 2. As they prepare to be homebound because of the encroaching Hurricane Harvey, the family has a pre-storm hurrah at the zoo. Then later they discover their daughter Olivia is wriggling out of her crib like a little Spider-Man, which is something they'll have to deal with before her sisters take note and try to do the same. Abandoning cribs for good might be the answer, but Danielle and Adam have trouble agreeing on a solution.

The hurricane doesn't affect the Busby home, but it does cause damage to Grandma Mimi's. She has to evacuate and stay with Adam and Danielle, making their busy house all the busier. It's a good thing that Blayke gets some quality time with her grandma while all of that is going on, because it seems like the Busbys very rarely get a moment to rest.

In the clip, Mimi and Blayke head over to the Holly Berry Tea Room & Gifts to enjoy high tea and girl talk. Before they're shown to their table, both ladies get to choose some dress-up items so they're perfectly on theme for their tea party. They turn up to their table in flowered hats and purses, ready to enjoy some snacks while Mimi catches up with Blayke. In a confessional, Mimi stresses just how loud the Busbys' home is. It affects her, so she knows it must be affecting Blayke as well. That's why it's so important to step away now and then for peace and quiet.

"Peace and quiet" becomes a key term for the grandmother and daughter duo. They agree that that's the nicest part of their jaunt and even develop shorthand to express the message without words: a peace sign transitioning to a shh gesture gets the point across silently. Then Grandma Mimi gets the gossip. Apparently there's a little boy who has a crush on Blayke and, as a result, he gives her all kinds of gifts. Blayke isn't interested (she explains that she likes him for her friend) and unfortunately doesn't even get to enjoy all the perks: her dad was the one who got to eat all the chocolate she was given by her classmate.


Then the conversation turns to home. Mimi is amazed at how well Blayke has handled going from an only child to one of six, but it hasn't been without its difficulties. Blayke explains that while she likes being a big sister, she also liked being an only child because it gave her more time with her parents. Now she has to share them with five very young siblings who understandably need a lot of attention. Mimi remarks that Blayke gets a lot of "busy time" with her parents, but not the quality time she's looking for.

Mimi assures Blayke that she's a great sister and they're proud of her, but it looks like this situation is going to need to be addressed again later in the episode. With a two hour premiere, there should hopefully be more than a moment or two for Blayke to bond with her mom and dad. But with Grandma Mimi on her side, it's sure to work out just fine.