Sam's Club Is Selling Floating Picnic Tables & *Now* It's A Party

For many people, spending time in the water is the most important part of the summer season. It's the whole reason for summer, really. With a recent invention, you don't even have to exit the lake or river in order to eat lunch. The floating picnic table from Sam's Club is here to make your lazy-day dreams come true. Those sun-drenched afternoons by the lake just got even better.

Created for use in lakes or backyard pools, the floating picnic table is designed to be durable. It can support up to 600 pounds (AKA four-is adults) in the water, and the table itself weighs 65 pounds. Equipped with cup holders and eye hooks for cooler attachments, this picnic table is able to hold all of your snacks and drinks. But the best part is simply the ability to sit on picnic table suspended in the water. It's a unique summertime experience to be sure.

In addition to providing a spot for resting and eating while on the water, the floating picnic table also offers a play spot for kids. Children can break out some toys or even waterproof card games at the table to enjoy the water in a totally new way.

That said, there are a couple of things to note about this table. First, you will need a Sam's Club membership to purchase it, which is $45. Then, there is the price factor. The floating picnic table is almost $600, which is way above the price of an average pool float. However, for a piece of furniture, and presumably one that will last several years, the price may make a little more sense. The company also manufacturers duck blinds, ice shacks, and chicken coops, so it stands to reason they understand how to make rugged, long-lasting stuff. From the photos on Rhino Building Product's website, the table does look pretty stable and durable, and it's certainly a unique way to hang out and enjoy the water. You can even flip it upside down to make a sort of makeshift boat out of the thing, which is fun.

Alas, I did not locate any videos of the picnic table in action, but there are a few stills of people already sitting at the table. It's difficult to say how easy it is to get in to and out of the thing. I imagine the whole process of trying to climb aboard the picnic table without upsetting anybody's drink could get pretty silly, although that could very well be half the fun of owning the thing.

If you're the handy sort, then there are plenty of DIY floating picnic table tutorials around too, probably with varying levels of safety involved. There's a floating picnic table design on The Owner Builder Network that looks super fun, because it's basically a regular picnic table mounted on four 55-gallon plastic drums.

Whatever you decide, the floating picnic table available at Sam's Club could make a super unique and fun addition to your summertime adventures. Picnicking over the water is a pretty sweet incentive, after all, and just think of how easy it will be to draw kids to the table for a meal.