You Can Make The Ultimate Custard With Beef & Peas In This 'Friends' Slow Cooker

Custard for your beef and peas, post-break-up jam, quiche to lose a fingernail in — all recipes you could convert to a slow cooker, and also all recipes made by the gang of Friends. So if you want to reminisce about the '90s while feeling like Monica, and cooking for the Joey in your life, than this Friends slow cooker needs to be in your Hot Topic cart right now.

The digital slow cooker holds 6.5 quarts of food, or roughly large enough to hold food for a family of four or a single Joey Tribbiani. The adorable slow cooker has a white background with scribbles of quotes from Friends, as well as doodles of famous images from the show. Of course, the couch from Central Perk is front-and-center directly above the control panel.

On its own, it's your basic slow cooker. It has settings for high or low, on and off, and a timer. It also has a removable ceramic insert and tempered glass lid, so that nothing shatters into your pot roast as you cook or transport your food. While it's currently out of stock, the original price is just under $60. That's not bad for a slow cooker, and with how cute this one is, I'd say the price is pretty much perfect.

This Friends slow cooker may not have suited chef Monica when she was flying free and single, but after Jack and Erica were born, I imagine an easier method for getting food on the table would have been exactly her jam. (Or for making jam.) Plus, she had the room for it in her overlarge New York City rental kitchen. (Which, I don't need to tell you, is not normally affordable to a waitress and underemployed chef.)

Honestly, the biggest surprise of this whole thing is that it's being sold at Hot Topic. That store was my absolute jam in the early aughts. Being an emo-goth-princess (it was a thing, I swear), Hot Topic is where I bought all my coolest dog collar necklaces, sparkly black lipstick, and pants with all of the unnecessary straps attached. It's also where I bought my Manic Panic hair dye and body jewelry. Now they're selling Friends slow cookers?

I had to pretend that I didn't watch that show when it aired because I'd lose all my emo street cred, but I guess I can meal prep there now, too. That's cool. Very self-aware of your audience, Hot Topic. This emo Joey fan approves.