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This 'Fuller House' Season 1 Recap Will Help Get You Ready For More Tanner Family Fun

The Full House Netflix reboot, dubbed Fuller House, was wildly successful in spite of mixed critical reviews. A subtle, nuanced, tight half-hour comedy it is not; but a clever sitcom brimming with nostalgia and maybe a side of cheese is what fans signed up for, and it's what they got. The show follows the "new" Tanner clan, comprised of mom D.J., Aunt Stephanie, and Aunt Kimmy, plus various and sundry children. Need a quick refresher of the new family dynamics? Never fear: this Fuller House Season 1 recap will fill you in on where we left off.

The adults fans of the original remember — Danny, Joey, Uncle Jesse, and Aunt Becky — are still around, but they serve more as guest stars making occasional cameos. The show focuses on the younger generation of Tanners, who move into the old house and care for their own children there. It's a clever gender swap of the original premise, giving us a house of moms, aunts, and sons, instead of dads, uncles, and daughters. While the Tanners do have some musical family members — lookin' at you, Jesse and The Rippers — one highlight of the reboot was a ton of surprisingly talented dance numbers. Jodie Sweetin, who plays Stephanie, was fresh off a stint on Dancing with the Stars when Fuller House Season 1 was in production, and the show gave her plenty of opportunities to show off her technique. But here's what else you missed.

The Dads Are Off Doing Their Own Thing

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Danny and Uncle Jesse moved to Los Angeles, along with Aunt Becky, because Danny and Becky scored themselves a national morning talk show that tapes in LA. The twins are in LA, too, "majoring in surfing." Joey hit it huge as a comedian in Las Vegas, where he performs regularly, and, even though we didn't get a chance to meet them in Season 1, show execs have promised fans that we'll see Joey's wife and kids in Season 2. That's where his backstory will get fleshed out.

D.J. Is A Mom of Three

Eldest Tanner sister D.J. grew up to be a veterinarian, and is a newly widowed mom of three boys. Her husband was a firefighter who died in the line of duty. This, of course, sets her up to be the "Danny" of the reboot. When she starts to get overwhelmed by work and being a single mom, Danny offered to leave her the house to make things easier. Kimmy Gibbler and Stephanie Tanner decided to move in to help, and voila! The casting makeover was complete.

Kimmy Grew Up To Have It All

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Kimmy is still weird and generally disliked by the Tanners (in a lovable way, of course), but it turns out she's totally killing it as an adult. And much like Joey, she's still just as hilarious as ever. While she is divorced from a handsome Latino man, he spends the entire first season trying to win her back. They have a daughter together named Ramona and the family is basically Fuller House's attempt to inject some much needed diversity into the show — the original was super white. Kimmy also has her own successful events planning business, which she starts to run out of the house when she moves into Jesse and Becky's old room. Eventually, Kimmy and Fernando wound up re-engaged and on the mend.

Stephanie Is A DJ

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Stephanie has grown up to be the empowered wild child Tanner sister, setting her up to be the Uncle Jesse of the bunch. She's basically the living embodiment of "I Took A Pill In Ibiza," right down to her successful career as a DJ, which thereby makes her stage name — you guessed it — DJ Tanner. She's also just as successful as Jesse in the romance department, wooing endless hot dudes. But she chills on the jet-setting to help DJ and her nephews out.

Michelle Is Nowhere To Be Found But The Jokes

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It was heavily publicized that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen turned down involvement in the series on the grounds that being a child actor does not an adult actor make. They're very happy running their fashion empire and didn't want to revisit their acting days, but that didn't stop the show from poking fun at Michelle's absence constantly.

Steve Causes A Love Triangle

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Oh yeah, D.J.'s high school boyfriend Steve is still around, and he somehow even has a reasonably attractive receding hairline. He makes a play to get his former flame back, which sort of works, but there's also a new guy named Matt who works at D.J.'s vet clinic. She spent the first season dating both of them with the eventual moment of truth hanging over everyone. But in the finale, she decided to choose herself, and asked both guys to stick around. They basically obliged.

So Fuller House Season 2 picks up with a bunch of loose romantic threads, in addition to the feel-good family lessons we've come to know and love, with a millennial twist. Plus, we have meeting Joey's family to look forward to. I can't wait!