Hi, Please Imagine Family Movie Night On This *Giant* 8-Foot Beanbag Chair

I consider myself a coziness connoisseur. I have not one, but two sets of footie pajamas, a drawer full of oversized tees, and I have a pair of slippers in my purse at (almost) all times — because you really never know when your feet might need them. A friend's dad once referred to me as "sloth-like," but I just like to chill hard after a long day. Thanks to Amazon, my chill game is about to go up a notch... there's officially a giant 8-foot beanbag for sale, and I don't think I can wait until Christmas to treat myself.

If my friend's dad thinks I'm a sloth now, he has no idea what I'm capable of with this massive beanbag made by the company Chillsack. Stuffed with "high quality US shredded foam" and apparently "the largest foam filled bean bag on the market," this bad boy has to be shipped in two separate boxes. According to the website, "assembly" (LOL) is a breeze and should only take about 15 minutes.

Are you ready to hear the best part? According to their official website, the 8-foot Chillsack was originally listed at $729.00 on their website, and is currently only $329 — that's a $400 discount, people. However, I'd highly recommend checking out their Amazon page, because there are way more colors — and better ones, in my humble opinion. The Chillsack website offers six colors, all in the microsuede fabric: camel, navy, royal blue, olive, cinnamon, and purple. Amazon has 16 options to choose from: black, camel, charcoal, chocolate, cinnabar, earth, navy, purple, and royal blue in the microsuede fabric; brown, red, and tan in the pebble fabric; and brown, gray, pink, and purple in the ultrafur fabric. The Amazon price varies from $322 to $517, depending on the fabric and color you choose.

One thing that's always held me back from buying a giant beanbag before (yes, this isn't my first time shopping for one) is the cleanliness factor. As someone who often eats crumby baked goods while chilling (#SlothLife), and someone with two shedding dogs, I worried that my beanbag would get gross, fast. According to the description on Amazon, however, "The removable cover can be machine washed and is resistant to stains and discoloration so your new favorite lounger always looks and feels brand new. Every Chill Sack has double stitched seams for extra strength and extended use." OK, sweet, sounds like it'll do juuust fine in my household.

But... what happens if you text a picture of the beanbag to your husband while telling him you're going to purchase it, and he answers with some ludicrous text along the lines of, "I mean, I'd vote no. I just wouldn’t know where to put it"? First off, don't listen to the haters — I'm certainly not. Second off, there are a million places to put it: the basement, the TV room, the bedroom, the kitchen, the entryway. Get creative! I'm convinced that any room can become an ultimate chill zone with the Chillsack. And imagine family movie night on this thing?

Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair, $347, Amazon

Just look how happy they seem! I want to be that happy! And don't worry, if you're not quite ready to commit to the 8-foot long beauty, Chillsack also offers a variety of smaller sizes (4-feet, 5-feet, 6-feet, and 7-feet) and they're obviously a bit cheaper, too. These smaller sizes are also perfect for any other women dealing with hesitant husbands who thinks the big ones will take up way too much in their small living room. And yes, they might take up a lot of space... but aren't they worth it? I think yes.