This Giant Dinosaur Sprinkler Will Make Your Backyard 1,000 Times More Fun This Summer

by Lindsay E. Mack

The weather's warming up, and that means it's the best time of year to spend more time outside with your family. If you want to give your kids a super unique and fun outdoor activity this year, then this giant inflatable dinosaur sprinkler is pretty much all you need. Seriously, your kids will have the most amazing summer toy in the neighborhood.

For starters, this thing is huge. In fact, the inflatable dinosaur summer sprinkler is over 6 feet tall, according to the Big Mouth Inc. toy company's website. That is ridiculously big for any toy, so it will basically become an attention-grabbing part of your lawn decor for the entirety of the spring and summer. Can you imagine that thing towering over your backyard garden? Seriously, as a kid I would have lost my entire mind over such a gigantic inflatable T-Rex.

But its size is not even the coolest part — this toy is also a fun lawn sprinkler. By connecting it to any standard garden hose, the inflatable T-Rex will spray water from its nose. Basically, arguably the best yard toy — the humble sprinkler — just got a thousand times better. Birthday parties, play dates, and pretty much every other aspect of the warmer months will be instantly and exponentially improved with this super-tall, silly, "prehistoric" sprinkler. (The only real downside might be your water bill for the month.)

Here are 3 very convincing reasons why you should order one stat.


It's Easy To Use

Because this prehistoric pet is inflatable, it is easy to set up, take down, and move all over the place. There is even a wide mouth-cap for fast deflation, as noted on the company website. Plus, it packs down pretty small for storage when not in use. Break it out for a party and then put it away again in no time. Loan it to neighbors for their gatherings with no fuss. Plus, attaching the thing to your garden hose could not be easier.

Besides, there aren't that many products out there that excel at being a lawn ornament, water feature, and amazing toy all at once.


It's Party-Ready

Basically, this giant inflatable is made for summer parties. Birthday parties, family reunions, cookouts, and block parties can all be enhanced with the addition of a giant dinosaur spraying water on everyone. Kids will freak if you bring this out at a party, and most adults are going to love it, too.

You can also set the sprinkler up to spray water into a pool. Whether you have a giant in-ground swimming pool or a tiny kiddie pool set up in your backyard, they can all be improved with the addition of a water-snorting dinosaur.


There are other creatures available

If the T-Rex isn't your jam, there is also a ginormous unicorn yard sprinkler and a ginormous elephant yard sprinkler as well, all of which are over 6 feet tall. (Seriously, these things are massive.) You can pick a favorite or gather all three for the best backyard party of all time. I mean, a gathering of giant sprinklers on your lawn is an incredible photo opportunity. Your Instagram will definitely blow up.

If you've come to your senses and realized how essential this inflatable sprinkler is, check out the full list of retail and online dealers for BigMouth products, and you will see that they are available at Dillard's, Macy's, Perpetual Kid, and loads of other stores. Plenty of sellers have the giant dino sprinkler available right now. The ginormous inflatable T-Rex sprinkler is $50 at Target. (The elephant and unicorn are also available in the same price range.)

Basically, this unique sprinkler can be yours for less than the cost of most family trips to a water park. At any rate, it is a giant step up from the old-school sprinkler you had growing up.

Just one piece of advice: Don't try to inflate this thing using your own lungs or a hand pump. An electric pump is definitely the way to go for an inflatable of this size (and actually any size for that matter).

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