OMG, This Ginormous Unicorn Sprinkler *Needs* To Be In Your Backyard This Summer

by Mishal Ali Zafar

Spring is here, and that means you’re probably already planning all your fun summer activities. Summertime with your kids means lots of sun and water play, whether it’s at the beach, a pool, or your own backyard. If you’ve been gearing up for some summer fun at home, you should definitely check out this amazing new sprinkler from Big Mouth Toys, which is sure to make all your neighbors jealous. No seriously, here's why you need this Ginormous Unicorn Sprinkler in your backyard this summer.

Kids get bored easily, and you can’t always trek out to the park or beach at the drop of a hat, so it’s really handy to have outdoor activities set up in your yard and give the kids a chance to play without requiring you to get out of the house. This awesome unicorn sprinkler is huge and colorful, and is just the thing you and your family needs to splash it up at home this summer.

The Ginormous Unicorn Yard Sprinkler stands 7 feet tall, and is made of durable vinyl. It’s super easy to set-up and play with, and if you’re looking for variety, you can even get this wild Ginormous T-Rex Sprinkler or this adorable Ginormous Elephant Sprinkler. Whichever sprinkler you choose, these sprinklers are sure to be a hit, so here are five reasons you should get one right now.


It’s Huge

All three of the new sprinklers from Big Mouth Toys, stand at nearly 7 feet tall. That’s taller than the average human, so for a little kid, it will seem colossal, adding to the excitement of their water play. Once you set it up, you and your kids can play under the spray of these awesome sprinklers, with the unicorn spraying from its horn, the elephant spraying from its trunk, and the T-rex spraying from his snout. (Bonus points if you pretend you're in Jurassic Park.)


It’s Easy To Use

When your kids are on your case about playing with a new toy, nothing sucks more than fiddling and finagling with hard to set up toys. Luckily, as massive and awesome as these sprinklers look, they’re actually pretty easy to set up. All you need to do is inflate the sprinkler, connect it to a standard garden hose, and turn on the water for some summer fun. And because the sprinkler is super light, it’s also really easy to move it around your yard when you need to.


It’s Easy To Store

As big as this sprinkler is, it’s actually pretty easy to deflate and store. Once you are done playing with it for the summer, you can use the wide-mouth cap on the air valve for fast deflation and then compactly store it away for next summer.


It’s Great for Parties

If you’ve ever had an outdoor party for your kids, or attended one, you know how popular bouncy houses and backyard inflatables are. So why not invite your Ginormous Unicorn, Elephant, or T-Rex sprinkler to the party. All the kids at your party will get a kick out of the inflatable and will have a blast getting sprayed by it.


You Can Get It At Target

So now that you are in love, you’ll want to know where you can grab one of these amazing sprinklers. Lucky for you, you can pick up the unicorn and dinosaur from Target, online or in store. You can also buy all three of the sprinklers online from Big Mouth’s own website.

Big Mouth Toys Ginormous Unicorn Sprinkler - White, $50, Target

Big Mouth Toys Ginormous Dinosaur Sprinkler - Green, $50, Target

Big Mouth Toys Ginormous Elephant Sprinkler - Blue, $50, Big Mouth

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