This Hallmark Movie Channel Drinking Game Is Perf For Girls' Night In

When it's time to unwind from all the holiday madness, there's nothing better than a cheery, sort of cheesy Christmas movie. And now there's a way to make these seasonal films more enjoyable than ever, if that's even possible. Playing the Hallmark Movie Channel holiday film drinking game will liven up any viewing of these classic flicks. Really, the only danger is overdoing it on the peppermint twist vodka.

Invented by Facebook user Brittany Graves, the Hallmark Christmas Drinking Game makes use of all those clichés in the made-for-TV movies. Characters with names that relate to Christmas, as well as magic deals with Santa or an angel, are just a few of the reasons to take a drink. Scenes featuring snowball fights or ugly holiday sweaters count double. It looks like Graves knows her holiday movies pretty well, and this game just adds another layer of fun to the whole viewing experience. Even better, the game works with any of the Hallmark holiday movies, which is a giant genre of film all on its own. For 2018 alone, the Hallmark Channel's Countdown to Christmas series features 22 new original movies premiers, according to the Hallmark Channel. You and your crew can play so many rounds of the drinking game this year without ever repeating a movie.

To play the game, first you'll need to pick a flick. There's an impressive backlog of holiday movies from the channel, but I'd recommend checking out some of the fresher finds. I'm curious about It's Christmas, Eve, starring LeAnn Rimes and Tyler Hynes, which has a charming musical angle. And there's also Christmas Joy, in which childhood friends Joy and Ben reunite in an extremely Christmassy town. The extended preview even features the pair ice skating, which earns you double drinks in the game right away. Score.

Next, pick your favorite holiday beverage. Hot cider, mulled wine, or eggnog are all classic choices, of course. And if you want to get a little fancy, unique holiday cocktails such as candy cane martinis or cranberry margaritas are another fun choice, as noted by Bustle. Cracking open a canned wine is always an option, and one that I've chosen many times. (Hey, it's pretty tasty stuff.) Lastly, turn on one of the world's most inoffensive movies and prepare to get silly.

And yes, it's super easy to make fun of the Hallmark holiday movies. But if the company can produce over 20 films just for the Christmas season alone, it means a whole lot of people are watching these movies every year. Really, there is something earnestly sweet and comforting about the films. "The beauty of these movies lies in their simplicity and in their ability to transport us to a happier place. They’re silly, sure, but they take us out of our heads and let us tune out all the noise for a bit," said Melissa Blake in Hello Giggles. She considers watching these holiday movies a form of self-care, and I totally get it. So don't feel bad if you enjoy some of these movies in a totally non-ironic way this year, even when you're counting the clichés with sips of hot toddy.