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Spend Mother's Day Indulging In Your Fave Hallmark Romances

If breakfast in bed followed by a movie marathon without the kiddos sounds like the perfect way to celebrate Mother's Day, you're in luck. Send them to the park for a few hours, grab your favorite snacks and get comfy on the couch because Hallmark's movie roundup for Mother's Day is is full of romance you'll want to stay in for on the holiday weekend. Plus, tons of the titles will take you on a vacation of the mind, I promise.

The Mother's Day movie lineup is not quite as extensive as the Christmas one as far as new content is concerned, but it is the beginning of Hallmark's "Countdown To Summer" lineup, so there's no shortage of content. No matter the movie, you'll get transported somewhere far away from all of the toys on the floor or upcoming events you got stuck on the snack committee for. Whether you're a city girl or want to get back to your southern roots, dream of Paris or a paradise on the beach, Hallmark has every type of wanderlust covered. Your destinations are up to you — no one should be nagging you for the remote this weekend. So allow me to lay out some possible destinations.

A Feeling Of Home

A Feeling Of Home definitely has some Sweet Home Alabama vibes, and personally I can't be too mad about any movie that brings me Reese Witherspoon realness. The movie stars Jonna Walsh as Abby, an entrepreneur who returns home to Texas to take care of her dad, but must convince a potential financial backer of her company that she's from the New England region. Her scheme gets complicated when she runs into her former high school sweetheart Ryan (Nathan Parsons). See, her dad believes they belong together, so he probably makes it really hard for her to deny her roots, even for a business deal.

In case you didn't know, Hallmark movies are all about authenticity, so naturally one of the movie's stars hails from the Lone Star State. "What excites me about this project is being able to be from Texas," Parsons said in a behind-the-scenes video about the movie. "I grew up in Texas. It's been really to work with animals and talk about barbecue." If that sounds as yummy to you as it does to me A Feeling Of Home premieres Saturday, May 11 at 9 p.m. ET.

Paris, Wine & Romance

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If Paris and wine is more your vibe — first of all I don't blame you. Secondly, Hallmark has you covered there on Mother's Day weekend, too. Paris, Wine & Romance stars Hallmark darling Jen Lilley and The Bold Type's Dan Jeannotte. It's about two winemakers who fall in love at a wine competition in Paris (who can blame them, really?) But competition gets the best of them. Oregonian Isabella returns home when she believes her new love Jacques spoke badly about her wine. Will he give up his life in Paris as one of the world's most renowned winemakers to be with Isabella? Let's pretend you don't know that answer, Hallmarkies, it's more fun that way.

Stranded In Paradise

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Desperate Housewives meets Beverley Hills, 90210 in Stranded In Paradise. Vanessa Marcil plays Tess, a business woman in desperate need of a new beginning. She goes to a conference in Puerto Rico in search of a new job, but thanks to a hurricane she gets stranded and has a chance at new love and a new start with an annoying stranger named Conner (James Denton). It sounds like a pina colada would go well with this one.

Sunmer Villa

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Let's go back to France, I like it there. In Summer Villa, Hilarie Burton plays Terry, a novelist who is sick of striking out on dates. So, she takes her teenage daughter with her to a friend's villa in France. Dragging a teenager along sounds like a great way to ward off romance, but this isn't reality, it's a Hallmark movie. So chances are she'll find love anyway, and maybe it's with an unexpected guest at the villa.

Summer In The City

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Believe it or not, peace and quiet isn't for everyone. If you want to escape to Manhattan follow small town girl Taylor (Julianna Guill) in Summer In The City. Her boss Alyssa (Vivica A. Fox) transfers her to her company's flagship store in the Big Apple. It's probably not smart to say no to your boss, especially when she's played by Ms. Fox. Taylor has a hard time finding herself in the new city. But, chances are she'll get there with the help of her new friend Phil. She may also fall in love!

If any (or all) of these escapes sound like the one for you, block out some "me" time with Hallmark this Mother's Day weekend. These are just a few of the original movies that will be waiting to be discovered.