This Halloween-Themed Maternity Shoot Is So Glamorously Spooky

Halloween season can be a really fun time for parents to dress up their newborns and little munchkins in cute costumes. Some parents even opt for professional photo shoots, hiring photographers to document their kiddo's first Halloween as a sushi roll (my favorite baby costume) or a little bat, for instance. But this holiday isn't just for kids — expectant parents can get in on the fun too. Want proof? Look no further than this spooky and glamorous Halloween-themed maternity shoot.

A common trend for expectant parents during Halloween time involves painting your belly to look like a pumpkin. It's a cute and affordable idea, and one that I don't think will die down anytime soon.

But if you're interested in switching things up, you'll definitely want to check out this Halloween-themed maternity shoot photographed by Tia Hunnicutt of Southern Hunni Photography. The eerie and gorgeous shoot features Hunnicutt's sister, Sage James, who is due in November, according to CafeMom.

As for why this shoot is so breathtaking? Well, it involves a milk bath, a stunning floor length gown, and the perfect selection of Halloween decorations.

Wow. I don't know even know where to start here. From the cobwebs delicately placed on James' gown to the carefully chosen props in the milk bath, there's so much to love about this shoot.

But arguably the best part about all of this? James and Hunnicutt purchased most of the props from Amazon and at the dollar store, as CafeMom reported. Translation: you can put together a shoot similar to this one for a low cost. Once you get your vision together, all you have to do is hire a photographer to take the photos.

Speaking of photo shoots in the works, Hunnicutt already has clients who want to get their spook on.

"I have had several inquiries about another Halloween themed shoot, so I am working on ideas!" Hunnicutt tells Romper in Facebook message. "I am hoping to have some more posted soon!"

But why stop at Halloween, right? Hunnicutt is also open to exploring other holidays like Christmas, for instance. She tells Romper:

I have several holiday themed shoots planned, especially around Christmas. I would love to work with everyone! Don't hesitate to send me a message via my Facebook page and we can get it worked out! I try to stay very creative and open minded! I love to hear what my clients are thinking and then add my own twist on their idea! I try to give them what they are imagining while keeping my work as original as possible!

As for the positive reception these pictures have received, Hunnicutt couldn't be more thrilled. She says, "I couldn't be more excited or more proud of the way these pictures have grown! They have given me confidence in my work and excitement to push harder and keep improving! I couldn't have done it without my beautiful sister!"

Of course, there are many different ways to go about a Halloween-themed maternity shoot. If you want to opt for a spooky glam vibe or a more playful theme, let your imagination do the work. Happy Halloween, parents-to-be.