This Etsy Seller Makes Handmade Ornaments That Are A Replica Of Your Home

If your house has the type of curb appeal that would make Joanna Gaines swoon, a handmade custom ornament that's a replica of your home is the personal, detailed keepsake you didn't know you needed. Small enough to hold in your hand, these clay ornaments are richly detailed to show off everything that makes your abode unique.

Created by Etsy seller Forever Figurines, the custom house ornaments are one-of-a-kind reproductions of actual homes. By referencing a few photographs submitted by customers, the artist Samantha B. creates a hand-sculpted polymer clay replicas of them. Once the foundation is in place, the house is then hand-painted with acrylics and completed with a gloss finish. The result, a tiny, palm-sized version of a picturesque structure, is perfect for holiday (or even year-round) decor.

Because of recent spots on websites for the Today Show, People, and Apartment Therapy, demand for the custom house ornaments has skyrocketed. At the time of this writing, artist is booked for at least the next four months, the seller tells Romper via email. However, interested customers are still welcome to place an order or get added to a wait list. Each custom house ornament costs $75, and a deposit is required for production to begin. You can message the seller directly on Etsy for more details.

A quick browse of Forever Figurine's Etsy listing or Insta pics immediately shows off the artist's eye for detail. Each polymer clay home is crafted with the same colors and architectural details as its original source. Plus there are plenty of personalized touches for each ornament, including potted plants, trees, or even holiday decor, that help bring out every house's unique "personality."

In addition to the houses, Forever Figurines also sells tiny, handmade replicas of wedding cakes, as well as pets. The wedding cake replicas are crafted with mesmerizing detail. There are minute, chocolate-covered strawberries, filigreed frosting swirls, and cascades of tiny flowers, all crafted from clay.

If you need a personalized, one-of-a-kind gift or keepsake, then Forever Figurines could be a great resource. Although there's a bit of a backlog at the moment, this kind of custom creation is worth the wait.