OMG This Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak Will Legit Make You Disappear

One of the coolest objects in the entire wizarding world is now available in for muggles everywhere. The Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak makes you appear to disappear in seconds, and the effect is beyond cool. Get ready to create some videos that look like they were shot in the hallways of Hogwarts itself, because this invisibility cloak is pretty convincing.

The Warner Bros. Invisibility cloak works with a special app from WOW! Stuff on your smart phone or tablet. When you receive the cloak, use the unique authentication code to download the free app and start filming. The patterned side of the cloak will appear on screen normally, but when you flip the green side out, the cloak-wearer appears to disappear. The effect is uncanny, and it's sure to keep amateur filmmakers happy for quite a while. Because the cloak relies on the same sort of green screen tech that's been used in movies for years, it's also a cool opportunity to add some some Hollywood-ish special effects in your own home movies. Using the cloak is a fun way to recreate your favorite scenes from the Harry Potter films, or to conjure up entirely original videos of your friends and family disappearing instantly. Harry Potter fans, movie buffs, and budding directors alike will totally love playing with this piece of movie magic.

Plus, the amount of detail in the cloak itself and its packaging will delight any Potter fan. Arriving in an embossed gift box, the cloak is wrapped in silver wrapping paper. Designed with movie-accurate detailing, the deluxe version of the patterned cloak also features serpent entwined borders. (Seriously, it does look like an old magic object. The design is gorgeous.) Even without the special effects, the cloak itself is perfect for Harry Potter cosplay or costume ideas. It could even work as a pretty display piece, whether draped over a bed or hung up like a tapestry.


Budding filmmakers will also appreciate the fully adjustable table-top tripod that arrives with the cloak. It's perfect for use with the app, which lets you view, photograph, or film scenes with the cloak and its invisibility effects.

The cloak is still pretty new, but early reviews have been promising. "It is a bit expensive. I've got to be honest, I was a little reluctant to pay for it. However, I wanted the cloak. I didn't really care about the whole green screen thing . . . I've got to be honest. Now that I've got it, it is so much fun!" said YouTuber Victoria Maclean in the Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak review video. Watching Maclean and her family play around with the cloak and its effects is seriously sweet, because everyone appears to be having a blast. And, yes, the video does prove that the cloak is large enough for adults to use as well, because that's crucial info.

So if you're looking for a great holiday or birthday present for your favorite Potter fan, the Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak is a gorgeous gift sure to provide hours of fun.