trader joe's has the most hilarious back to school sign for parents
Bill Tompkins/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

This Hilarious Trader Joe's Back-To-School Sign Makes Parents Feel Truly Seen

To call the start of the 2020-21 school year stressful is a huge understatement. So, when an overwhelmed parent stumbled across a Trader Joe's back-to-school sign that gave them a good laugh in the midst of the mess, they had to share it. Now, the sign is making its way across social media because it's making a lot of exhausted parents feel seen.

Trader Joe's is known for not only having great deals, but also fun, flashy signs that you just don't see in other major grocery stores. Although creative, they're not usually something shoppers would feel compelled to share with their friends and family. So, when a parent in Las Vegas saw a sign with the words "stock up on homeschooling supplies here" hanging over the wine selection at their store, they were caught off guard (in the best possible way).

The picture was then shared on the Las Vegas Parent Zone Facebook group where it quickly racked up reactions, comments and shares. One person wrote, "I've never felt more understood" and another commented, "We're all going to need it!" The humor was certainly appreciated by these parents who are feeling some pressure from stepping into the role of their kid's homeschooling teacher.

The picture may have been posted in a Las Vegas group, but it's been shared hundreds of times with parents all over the U.S. who can't help but laugh at how accurate the sign is. It's created a feeling of solidarity among a lot of parents right now. Plus, it's given them one more reason to want to shop at Trader Joe's, since the store clearly understands what it's like to be a parent right now.