PSA: This Giant Inflatable Rose Pool Float Is On Sale At Target For Just $17 RN

Sure, you claim you love rosé and you've proudly captioned a pic or two on social media with the phrase "Rosé all day," but now you've got a chance to take your rosé adoration to the next level. This summer, declare your love for the pretty pink wine while you're lounging in the pool on a 94-inch inflatable raft shaped like a bottle of rosé – ideally with a glass of the real stuff in your hand. Trust me, now that you're aware this beautiful product exists, your pool parties really won't feel complete without it.

I'll admit it: I'm a huge fan of cute inflatables for their Instagrammable potential. I may or may not have had an entire photoshoot with a massive diamond ring floaty at my own bachelorette party. However, a majority of these blow-up creations are really not very practical for anything except photos. I mean, I can't exactly get an even tan with my knees bent up to my chest in my sprinkle donut inner tube, or sitting upright on my hot pink flamingo. This glorious rosé raft from Swimline, however, is as functional as it is camera-ready. Extend yourself comfortably, and get an even bronze to go with your buzz.

The raft, which is on sale at Target for $17, is functional in other ways aside from its shape. It features a handy cup holder for your obvious drink of choice, so there's no need to cling to it while you lounge (or worse, have to dog paddle back to the edge of the pool every time you need a sip). Importantly, because the base is a "soft millennial pink" and the top is clear, it won't overheat like some dark-colored pool toys. Wear your sunscreen and hydrate (with water!) and you truly can rosé all freaking day.

Of course, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention pool safety in an article about pool time fun. Specifically, I've got to mention the danger of traditional wine glasses during your summer shenanigans. No one wants to be the one to commit the party foul of shattering a glass into the pool, or be the one who cuts their foot open when they step on a shard at the bottom. I'd recommend investing in a set of shatterproof wine glasses for this very reason, like these poolside unbreakable stemless wine glasses ($13, Amazon). You'll thank me the first time you witness one of these bad boys slip through a reveling friend's fingertips.

If rosé isn't really your thing, Target has plenty of other festive inflatables for your upcoming aquatic adventures. My favorites are the giant pineapple from Intex ($25), the pizza slice from Intex ($15), or these butterfly wings from Big Mouth Toys ($11). But really, the best companion to a rosé bottle floaty just may be a Prosecco bottle floaty. Honestly, the moral of the story is that life is way too short to have boring inflatables.

Summer is right around the corner (at least that's what I keep telling myself) and it's never too early to stock up for your much-anticipated pool parties and vacations. With a massive inflatable bottle of rosé, you can guarantee the good times will keep flowin'.