This Inflatable Unicorn Skeleton Is A Magical, Spooky Treasure

Halloween is nothing if not fabulous. That's why this inflatable rainbow unicorn skeleton is basically the best possible inflatable this year. In a year filled with bleak clouds and sadness, a grinning unicorn skeleton with rainbow mane and tail — and oddly glowing eyes — is just what the gods of Halloween ordered. You can't look at it without laughing, it's that silly.

Available on Wayfair for $60, this bad boy stands 5 feet tall, blows up in a minute, and has LED eyes which are sure to stay bright all season long. This inflatable rainbow unicorn skeleton could be the anchor of your exterior holiday decor, or it could simply set the theme. Wayfair has a ton of inflatable skeletons for your yard, like this dinosaur with a witch hat, this oddly cheerful headless number, or my second favorite — these trick-or-treating skeleton pirates.

This is also the perfect inflatable to stand behind with your 6-foot reach pole that you can use to hand out candy to trick-or-treaters. It's just an extra inflatable barrier between you and the adorably dressed disease vectors traveling your neighborhood. And who could take issue with that? Surely not even the anti-maskers among us, right? The cute unicorn throws them off their game.

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When I was a kid, I was so jealous of the families that had the Homer Simpson Halloween inflatables. I thought they were just the coolest. My parents were torn on the whole Halloween thing, being so religious — even if they did let me dress up as the devil one year — but that's a story for another time. We never really decorated for Halloween, so you can bet that this slightly goth, fully bananas inflatable unicorn skeleton is right up my decorating alley, and I think it will be a favorite for many years to come.