This Inflatable Spraying Pool Is Basically A Bathtub For The Summer

Everyone's looking for fun backyard pools and sprinklers to escape the heat and have a little fun this summer. And let's be honest, a trip in the pool sprinkler is the summer day bath for many kids. Which is why I'm obsessed with this inflatable whale spraying pool from Target. It could not be any cuter, and it has a built-in rinse option. Bonus: it's great for the littlest members of the family.

I am almost sure that this pool is going to sell out fast, so you're going to want to jump on it. Perfect for large or small spaces, this whale spraying pool is designed for kids ages 2 and up, and all you need to set it up is a an air pump and a hose. The pool is roughly 7 and a half feet wide, and 3 feet high, meaning that it's big enough for a few kids to enjoy all at once without totally murdering your grass. With the tail serving as the spraying mechanism, it doesn't get any more whimsical.

Pools are getting more and more cumbersome each year, but this one? Not so much. This has just enough going on that it is going to be a hit with your littles, without being so complicated that parents won't be able to keep it inflated. It's really the best of both worlds.

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Made of tough, 11-gauge vinyl, this 56-gallon pool isn't going to puncture easily, thank goodness. However, as an inflatable pool veteran, I will suggest you drain it, deflate it, or put it away at night, because raccoons and black bears love these things. Also mosquitos, ants, snakes, other gross creepy crawlies — just drain and deflate it.

But seriously, your toddler is going to love being their own little baby shark selves in this inflatable whale spraying pool, and parents can make sure their kids are rinsed of grass clippings courtesy of the spraying tail and call it good for the day. (We have all done it.)