This Infographic Breaks Down The Diaper Bag Essentials You'll Need, According To Your Baby's Age


If only there really were a magic bag you could carry that was filled with everything you needed at any given moment. With a quick pull of a zipper and flick of a wrist, you could pull out whatever snack your kid is craving, whichever blanket they're currently coveting, or even the specific stain-remover you need in that moment. Life would be so much easier.

Alas, we're only human, and that means we're the ones responsible for making sure that we have all of the supplies we and our little ones need when we leave the house. Especially during the flurry of new motherhood, remembering to have all of the products you need in your diaper bag can seem like an overwhelming task. But have no fear, because Romper and Pampers Swaddlers have teamed up to put together a handy list of the diaper bag essentials to have on hand at all times — plus a few extras that are helpful to have stowed inside your bag as your baby grows through their developmental stages.

Check out the full list here, get that diaper bag pre-packed, and enjoy your time out and about with your baby!

Allison Gore/Romper

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