This Is What It Would Sound Like If Moms Told Jokes Like Their Kids — VIDEO

The fabulous sketch comedy moms at The BreakWomb — the women who gave us that hilarious video about what it would be like if moms talked to their friends the way they speak to their kids — are back with another hilarious examination of the insanity that is childhood behavior. And again, they did not disappoint. These women are genuinely very funny and I kinda hope they never stop making videos that point out the more absurd aspects of being a mom and dealing with kids.

You've heard children regurgitate jokes before, right? It takes them a solid five minutes to get through what would be a 30-second joke and they mix up phrases and get completely confused and it ends up being less of a funny and more of a perplexing quandary. (In their defense, humor is hard. I'm not funny either. But in their not-defense, you don't see me trying to tell jokes, do you? Stick to what you're good at, kiddo.) You nod your head and laugh when you're supposed to but it's just, well, kind of an odd exchange.

So, what would it be like if mothers told jokes to their friends the same way their children tell jokes to them? 

Thanks to The BreakWomb, we know that, first and foremost, it would be straight-up hilarious. And a little awkward. And kind of weird. 

"Three Chickens Walk Into A Farm..."

Because, duh. That's how every successful joke starts out, you guys. 

The Farmer Says Some Inexplicable Stuff

The farmer has some issues, you guys. We're not sure exactly where he gets off saying some kinda rude, kinda random things to these poor chickens, but it's unacceptable. 

A Waitress?

Somehow, a waitress is involved. We're not sure where she comes from but she's there and that's just how the story is going to go. 

Sandwiches And Pizza For Everyone!

And from the sounds of it, this waitress is serving up one hell of an odd menu. 

Except For You!

Because who doesn't like their jokes with a side of scolding and firm discipline? 

This Is Uncomfortable

This is the point in the joke when we all look at one another like this. 

And Then...

And, of course, we've reached the point in the joke where things get a bit confusing. The train of thought is dangerously close to de-railing and, well, the plot line is all sorts of screwy now. 

Will It End?

Please, for the love of my will to live, make it stop. 

Wait A Minute

Alright, people. It's time to regroup. 

It Never Ends

Nope, it won't end. This is how you die. 

Now There's A Slide And Your Dad

This barn is the most interesting barn you've ever heard of in your entire life. You're welcome. 

Your Ears Smell

Personal hygiene is no joke. Except for when it is, like right now. 

All The Poop

It's not a joke unless there's a mention of feces. That's just a fact. 

You Can Make It

There has to be a light at the end of the tunnel, right? 

The Punchline (Finally)

It was the farmer, you guys! It was the Farmer the entire time! I knew it!

Wait For It...

Sometimes it takes people a little while. 

Cue Laughter

Let the genius of this beautiful joke just wash over you. 

Watch The Full Video

You can watch the full video above, completely thankful that this isn't a thing that actually happens between mom friends.

Images: The Breakwomb/YouTube