Here's What Pregnant Audrey Roloff Packed In Her Hospital Bag Days Before Her Due Date

Many moms-to-be know that one of the most important things you can do to prepare for giving birth is to pack a hospital bag. After all, if you're going through the craziness of labor, it really helps to have some of your favorite things around. And if you're a Little People, Big World fan looking for inspiration, one of the show's stars has got you covered. In fact, this is what pregnant star of the show Audrey Roloff revealed she's packing in her hospital bag, because a new baby Roloff is coming any day now.

Roloff has been keeping track of her pregnancy on her blog as she waits for her little girl, whom she's expecting with husband Jeremy Roloff, to arrive. And in what is likely to be her final entry before she's got a new baby on her hands, Roloff recapped her third trimester on Monday, ending with a description of her preparations for going to the hospital. She's going to be taking a full bag with her, and she shared on her blog all the contents with readers. After consulting with friends and family, she wrote that she decided on:

my own gown, robe for after, granny panties, Spotify playlist + music speakers, clothes to labor in the water, lots of snacks, cough drops, thick socks, my own pillow, Scripture affirmations, journal, loose comfy clothes, chapstick, nursing tanks/bras, flip flops, my own toiletries, camera, and a few things for baby girl

Roloff is a smart packer. Lots of snacks are definitely an essential for when you're just not feeling hospital cafeteria food.

And speaking of essentials, anyone who follows Roloff has probably noticed that she's a big fan of essential oils. She's even got a whole Instagram account devoted to them. So of course she's bringing plenty to the hospital with her, having poured smaller sample bottles from her bigger ones specifically for this purpose. The full list? Roloff wrote on her blog that she's got:

  • Clary sage to induce labor
  • Gentle baby for her newborn and calming stretch marks
  • Valor to align her hips
  • Helichrysum to prevent hemorrhaging
  • Jasmine to speed up contractions
  • Fennel for milk supple
  • Lavender for circulation and as an anti-inflammatory
  • Frankincense for her baby girl's head when she's born
  • Stress away, because "duh"

She also wrote that she "made a labor 'room spray' with frankincense, lavender, gentle baby, witch hazel, and water."

Just remember, if you're inspired by Roloff's bag of miracle plants, that while essential oils can definitely have positive effects on the body, it's important to make sure that you're using essential oils in a safe way, and to note that not all experts recommend using essential oils on babies and children.

With her due date around the corner, the new addition to the Roloff family could be popping into the world at any moment. Good thing her mother is all ready for her!