This 'Jurassic Park' Pregnancy Announcement Would Make Jeff Goldblum Proud

Some people send out an e-mail, some people cut a cake or pop balloons to spill the big news, and, even weirder in this day and age, some people tell no one and do nothing at all. But, if you're the type to have a little chortle at life's ups and downs, you'll really relate to this family-to-be, who chose to use what's probably the biggest news they've ever received in their lives to make a statement. This Jurassic Park pregnancy announcement will have you marveling at the wonder of life... and Photoshop.

As Popsugar reported, dad-to-be Ryan Porter chose to let people know he and his wife were expecting in the, uh, usual way... using the 1993 movie Jurassic Park, in which Jeff Goldblum and a team of scientists recreate the prehistoric world of dinosaurs.

As if that weren't original enough, Porter made it hysterical by superimposing his own face and (we assume), his wife's, over the characters' faces as the action peaks and the cheesy music swells.

Instead of finding any actual ancient reptiles, the couple discovers a sonogram of a crying baby, badly superimposed over the image of a brachiosaurus. (Hey, this is according to Popsugar, I can't generally tell one dino from another. I've tried. Memorizing the difference between a Diplodocus and an Apatosaurus is just not one of every mom's talents, okay?)

As website Fatherly added, the couple made the clip even more absurd by having dad-to-be Porter Porter exclaim, "It’s a baby,” with Jeff Goldberg's famous line from the movie, “You did it. You crazy son of a b-tch, you did it," repurposed as a congrats to the parents-to-be rather than as a reference to a genius science-defying breakthrough.

The Jurassic Park pregnancy clip closes with a fake movie tagline, website The Dad noted. This is a clever borrow from the orginal series of movies' famous catchphrases, including "an adventure 65 million years in the making" and "the Park is open" from one of the sequels, as website Radio News added.

This addictive clip's fake-movie-promo ending? “This September, Life Finds a Way…” Hysterical. And as The Dad noted, you already know Porter is ready for is ready for his job... the dad jokes are already well underway!

Now, just as the actual Jurassic Park series of films had to compete in a crowded marketplace, so, too, do gender or baby-news reveals of any kind now face opponents in the race for originality. Porter's clip brought to mind Nicole Berkley, the Texas mom who announced her fifth baby with the entire clan wearing dinosaur costumes, according to Babble.

Mags and websites Parents to Cafemom have responded to the explosion of creative reveals with articles detailing how to make your own "We're expecting" announcement more fun and interesting. There's the fake "movie poster" setup, where the parents-to-be have their names at the top like the movie's "stars," there are pets announcing the big news with a sign in their mouth and of course, the adorable older sibling doing the work by cutting a cake or breaking the news with a sign or custom t-shirt.

I absolutely love the silliness of this viral video, but I have to say, even a couple of years ago, even some cupcakes, balloons and a phone call to the 'rents was good enough. At least Baby Porter won't ever be able to say his arrival wasn't anticipated with a cinematic level of excitement and glee.